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  1. wrkoutqueen

    DVD is skipping

    After years of use, two of my DVDs are starting to skip. What's recommended for this?? Is there a guarantee on the DVDs?
  2. wrkoutqueen

    Any Cathlete out there who has tried Jillian Michaels

    I don't really care for her personality from the clips that I've seen, BUT does she give a decent workout?? I want to try it in the mornings before work! I've got to get back in shape and since her total body workout is 28 minutes, I think I can squeeze it in. I am just wondering if it's worth...
  3. wrkoutqueen

    recovery week

    Is it okay to use the weighted vest and walk during the recovery week??
  4. wrkoutqueen

    Elliptical or Treadmill

    Does anyone out there have an opinion about which is better? I am curious how you work it into your Cathe workouts too?
  5. wrkoutqueen

    Kettle Bells

    Is there anyone out there incorporating Kettle Bells in their rotation and if so, how are you doing it? Are the kettlebells considered a circuit training or weight training? I am just wondering how to incorporate it. Please help if you can.
  6. wrkoutqueen

    August RTripper from Northern VA

    Hey there, Is anyone traveling from The Northern VA area (by this I mean Fredericksburg and points north or slightly west of Washington D.C.)?? If so, please contact me. I'd love to either ride together (I'll drive) or do Amtrak in to Jersey together:-) Let me know--you can email me backchannel...