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  1. sherryc

    Tipping point

    After a long, long week with horrible sleep, and an ailing cat, I attempted a Cathe workout. I pulled out my Ab hits DVD for a workout and dropped it on the floor. I was actually thinking how horrible I would feel if it had broke. Put it in DVD player and wouldn’t play so looked and it was...
  2. sherryc

    Cize by Shaun T

    Just watching an infomercial on this latest workout. Looks pretty intense and was wondering if anyone has tried it yet? I love Zumba dancing and this looks pretty challenging too. If I can master all of Cathe's step moves, I should be able to learn these dance moves (with lots of practice)...
  3. sherryc

    Need some positive thoughts

    My sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer at 49, and is also in the middle of a divorce. Feeling overwhelmed right now with everything and really hoping to get some positive thoughts and prayers for my sister. All the tests she has been through so far all seem to deliver bad news. She...
  4. sherryc

    Off-season vacations

    I was wondering if anyone has some good off-season vacation places to try in the US. Right now, I'm checking out Sedona, Arizona in February, and not sure if this is a good time. Weather is not a big deal and I don't mind if we need jackets, but not looking for a 'snow' holiday. Any tips??
  5. sherryc

    100 rep challenge

    What weight should I use for the hip thrust challenge? I haven't done any 1 rep max at all. I typically use the same weights as Cathe Thanks sherryc
  6. sherryc

    bus monitor incident

    What do you think about this bus monitor who was bullied this past week? I hear that $500,000 has been raised for her. No one should be bullied, ever, but I don't understand why she sat there and took it. She was a bus monitor, why didn't she go to the bus driver and have the bus stopped...
  7. sherryc

    two down

    Afterburn and Athletic Training are done!! Afterburn was a great workout, the hardest I have ever done. I was drenched in sweat (maybe it was tears!). That was Tuesday morning. I could barely walk Wed. night. Tonight I just finished Athletic Training, still feeling the soreness, but...
  8. sherryc

    Workout Manager Stats

    I was just looking at my stats and was wondering how do you get 40, 30 even 20 workouts in 4 days? Am I recording wrong? Sherry
  9. sherryc

    recording previous days' calories

    How do I record calories for the previous day Thanks Sherry
  10. sherryc

    Cathe - Thank You

    I just want to express how much I love your workouts. They not only keep me fit, but keep me sane as well. From my first workout (Muscle Endurance) to my current (High Reps), you've kept me hooked. Thank you so much for being so fun to watch. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a...
  11. sherryc

    Olympic Torch 2010

    Okay, I just applied to be an Olympic Torch bearer for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I've wanted to do this since 1988 for the Calgary games, but chickened out. They asked what I would pledge to make Canada a better place, and of course I focused on the healthy active living subject...
  12. sherryc

    Resume help

    I'm applying for a new job and the ad stated that I need to apply in writing. Does this mean handwriting or a resume that's typed and sent thru regular mail. They don't have an email. I haven't applied for a job in years, so this is getting a little stressful. Thanks for your help. Sherry
  13. sherryc

    first day of school

    I feel like I'm back in grade school. I'm just being nosy and checking out members and their profiles and I know this is just new to everyone, but it's hard to read the line that says we have not made any friends yet. Anyone care to come hang out out recess? Sherry
  14. sherryc

    Another CC ?

    I don't have any cardio equipment at home, so I do all of my running outdoors. Which CC would be the best choice, or is there one just for outdoor running? Thanks Sherry
  15. sherryc

    legal advice (long)

    Hi, I'm hoping to get some advice (legal or otherwise) on my father-in-law's situation. He is currently in rehab for alcohol/gambling addiction and his youngest daughter and her husband are the power of attorney for him. They are are in charge of all his finances and are REALLY controlling the...
  16. sherryc

    U.S. electoral process??

    Hi American friends, I would love to understand how you actually vote for a President. I don't even know what the primaries are. How many times do you have to vote before a President is declared. I would just like to understand this process a little better because there is so much coverage...
  17. sherryc


    Does anyone have any advice on snowshoes, how they fit, what boots to wear? Some of the new styles look really lightweight and easy to wear. I haven't snowshoed in 30 yrs. and am looking for a new workout during our long winter. Thanks Sherry
  18. sherryc

    letter of resignation

    Hi everyone, my daughter is going to quit her part-time job and was wondering if she can send her letter thru email rather than in person. Email is how her manager corresponds with her and also how her job interview was arranged. This job has not been a pleasant experience at all for her...
  19. sherryc

    Computer help

    I have 2 older computers and want to donate them to charity,but I need to wipe off the hard drive. Can anyone tell me how I might do this? Thanks Sherry
  20. sherryc

    A little disappointed

    I received my new DVDS today:) :-) The only disappointing part was not receiving the "gift". I emailed and the reply was that because I pre-ordered thru CK Sales, so I don't receive the "gift":-( Sherry