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  1. Jaffas

    Need Help Moving Weights

    We are moving this week and I have no idea how to pack my weights. The smaller ones I can figure out but what do you do with the heavier ones. Do you put them in boxes with other stuff or just pile them in the truck loose? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I really didn't think I'd...
  2. Jaffas

    Need Some Non Fitness Advice

    Over the years I've been on these forums I've marveled at the amazing insightful advice Catheletes have to offer on everything from parenting to summer reading. Well now I turn to you with a couple of things I need help with. The first should be fun, the second - not so much. So here goes. This...
  3. Jaffas

    10lb Weighted Vest at Ross

    Saw them at the Ross in Mesa, Az on Southern Ave. and Superstition Springs. They had three and they were $17.99. Too bad I already have one!
  4. Jaffas

    Some H1N1 Humor

    A friend of mine posted this on facebook. It made me smile. Poor Piglet.
  5. Jaffas

    Etiquette Question

    I've learned so much about how to behave at weddings, funerals, kid's parties, etc. from my fellow Calthletes that I just had to come here for an answer to my question. Through Facebook I was invited to a reunion of ex-coworkers. The invite was sent out months ago and I rsvp'd right away. Well...
  6. Jaffas

    What Is Wrong with Me?

    It's only been a week since Squirt passed away so suddenly so I know it's normal for me to still be very upset, that's not the problem. But almost immediately after we lost her I started going on line looking at cats up for adoption. I've been to three shelters already. I don't want to adopt...
  7. Jaffas


    My darling Squirt didn't make it. Yesterday she was perfectly fine and now she's gone. I'm numb. She was what I call a megacat. I've had many cats in my life and I've loved them all but a few stood out and Squirt was one of them. She demanded and received more attention than any other cat I've...
  8. Jaffas

    Need Healing Thoughts Please

    I just had to race my beloved cat Squirt to the vet. We found her under the couch in a pool of vomit. They are doing what the can but it's very touch and go. She might not make it. I'm totally freaking out. I love this cat so much.
  9. Jaffas

    Link to my T.V. segment

    Here it is. I had a lot of fun doing it.
  10. Jaffas

    I'm Going to Be on T.V.!

    Tomorrow morning, Tue. the 18th, on Good Morning Arizona at 8:45 am, channel 3. I'll be talking about solar cooking with the president of Global Sun Ovens. I'm very nervous.
  11. Jaffas

    We've been told to evacuate by the police!

    Apparently the nut job that lives across the street from us has a garage full of bomb making materials. I was just about to start making a risotto to go with the lovely solar baked chicken with lemons I made today. We didn't know where to go so we wound up at Whole Foods and got some sushi. Now...
  12. Jaffas

    I Have a Blog!

    I just started it yesterday. It's about solar cooking. I have started a year long project during which I plan on using my sun oven every sunny day. So far today and yesterday have been cloudy.:(
  13. Jaffas

    STS for Felines

    My cat Squirt loves my STS print outs. If I leave them lying around she sleeps on them or shreds them. Here's where I found her today. I almost hate to disturb her.
  14. Jaffas

    Cathe, I want to be your ambassador!

    I was out and about early this Sat morning, a new thing for me, but it looks like it may be something I'll be doing every week from now on. Anyway on my way home I stopped at a few yard sales (Phoenix is the world capital for these) and at three of them I over heard people talking about fitness...
  15. Jaffas

    LauraMax I'm going to see your boyfriend!

    I'm in Venice Beach visiting my brother. We went for a walk on the boardwalk and they were giving away tickets for Realtime.
  16. Jaffas

    Speaking of shopping....

    How many workout outfits are you bringing? Any tips from repeat road trippers would be appreciated. :)
  17. Jaffas

    A Tribute to Slinky

    The guy who creates one of my favorite web sites dedicated a page as a kind of tribute to Slinky. I was very touched. Here's a link
  18. Jaffas

    My Sad Valentine's Day

    Tonight we had to have our kitty Slinky put to sleep. The ordeal started on Monday with him being unable to pee. We have been to the vet everyday this week. Today an ultrasound revealed large tumors in his bladder and kidneys. We brought him home hoping to keep him until Monday but by evening we...
  19. Jaffas

    My cat on youtube

    Just a silly little thing we do in the shower :)
  20. Jaffas

    Did I get a good deal?

    I got some equipment at a yard sale this morning. Here's a list: 1 weight bench. The kind that can be set at an incline and with the things that hold a barbell. 1 barbell ,1 curl bar, 4 sets of dumbbell bars, 4 1.5lb, 4 2.5lb 6 5lb 4 10lb and 2 25lb plates. I'll have to get creative to...