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    Remodeling Questions

    I am finishing a 1200 square foot basement in my 6 year old house. I bought some design software and a couple books, and done some internet searching, so now I have a plan. But I'd really like to hear from other people about their own experiences with remodeling in general, and basement...
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    Workout with the Best Music

    Which Cathe workout has the best music? I've been wanting to try her step workouts and the only way I can make myself work through that tough choreography is if I have some great motivating music. I like recognizable music that's fun to dance to.
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    Wasn't there a different "ultimate guide?"

    I see there's a sticky in this thread that rates Cathe's workouts on difficulty, but didn't there used to be a rating chart somewhere on this site that ranked all her workouts by complexity too? It seemed that it had the average rating for "enjoyability" or something like that, as well as by...
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    Help Assembling Valor Squat Stand

    What is the metal hook thing for? And the square black plastic piece? I see from the "directions" that they go on the top J-hook part of the stand but I can't tell what purpose they serve. There's already a part that screws in and holds the stand at different heights, so I don't know what...
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    Celebrity Apprentice

    Anyone watch this last night? Holy cow! That was some craptastic television. I was vaguely aware of Melissa Rivers before this show - she did a TV show about different kinds of fitness equipment and programs that I watched for a while. And I hear she was on some other celebrity game show...
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    Open Houses - Waste of Time for Sellers?

    Our house has been on the market for what seems to have been about 800 years. My agent wants us to have an open house (we had one back when we first went on the market, in the fall). I suspect that we'll just get a bunch of people who are looking at houses for fun and not serious buyers. Am I...
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    Question re Squat Stand

    Anyone have this? Or have any opinion on it? The adjustability is the big selling point for me since I have the short barbell. Although it would be cheaper to buy a $200 squat stand and a new barbell, I guess. I saw that the Valor squat stands would be available May 9th, so maybe I should...
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    Weight Vest: Difference From Barbell

    I read somewhere that using a, for example, 20# vest is not the same as using a 20# barbell. I guess because of the weight distribution it's easier to do an exercise with the vest than a barbell of the same weight. Does anyone know how much the difference is - is a 20# vest equal to a 15#...
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    Strength Standards

    For those of you who are interested in knowing how much weight is considered "standard" for various exercises, the following link is really helpful. It gives guidelines for 1RM based on weight, gender and experience level (e.g., for an adult female, 165 lbs whose been training less than 9...
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    Squat Rack or Power Rack?

    I was figuring out what squat rack options there are, and came across volumes of discussions (mostly on about power racks. It looks like a giant cage. My best guess is it is multi-level rack, but I am very confused about exactly what it does or if I need one. I want to squat...
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    Advice On Equipment Purchases

    I'm halfway into Meso 2 and finding that certain equipment purchases will have to be made. Please give me your opinions on the following: 1. Chinup Bar. I can't put anything into the door frame, and the one that hooks over the moulding without nails doesn't fit. I'd love something like...
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    Too Many Deadlifts?

    Has anyone else had trouble doing deadlifts twice a week? I'm finding that my lower back and forearms need more recovery time and I'm not feeling great doing deadlifts during both the leg and back workouts. I'm thinking I should just do deadlifts during one of those workouts and find some kind...
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    Disc 13: Rear Delts

    I'm confused about the form on the Seated Rear Delts for Disc 13. Are the arms supposed to come straight out to the side (so they are roughly in line with the shoulders), or are we supposed to be pulling back (so the weights end up more in line with the lats)? Since it's a rear delt exercise...
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    Comparing Static to Moving Lunges

    Is there some benefit to moving the leg for each lunge? I feel static lunges more strongly than "moving" lunges, and am able to use better form. So I'd like to substitute static lunges for front lunges, but was wondering if I'd be missing out on something by doing so. Anyone?
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    Anyone Watch What Not To Wear?

    I just started watching this show, mainly because I really need help learning how to dress myself. Most of the time I think the people look quite a bit nicer, but sometimes I just don't get it. They had a woman on who had lost her husband a few years ago. She worked at a concrete company, I...
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    Gym Styles Success

    I know everyone is really into STS now (as am I) but I just wanted to post about my last GS rotation. I did a 3 on, 1 off rotation with GS for a month and really pushed myself to go as heavy as I could each time. I finished about a week ago, and have been noticing that I can see some results...
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    Chinups in Week One

    I just printed out workout cards for week one and realized there are some chinups and pullups in the first back workout. I don't have a bar, but I thought I read that STS didn't require any extra equipment from the usual Cathe workouts (except the squat rack, which was optional). So how are...
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    Low Back Exercises

    In GS Back, Cathe does a lower back exercise where you have your upper body on the step and lift your legs up and down to work your lower back. I find this position really uncomfortable for my stomach, and if I position myself so that it doesn't bother my stomach then the lift really works my...
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    Acne Solutions?

    I am breaking out a LOT lately. Does anyone have a quick fix for a zit? I tried putting some clay mask on the worst zits and leaving it there overnight, which resulted in my kids laughing at me, blue goop smeared on my pillow and no change in the zits. I started using salycilic (sp?) acid...
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    Rotations and Leg Work

    I am doing a GS rotation, and I have legs scheduled for two times a week. There is no way I can do the whole leg workout through - I can do either the standing or the floor. My question: do I do the standing portion on each of my leg days, or do I do standing one day and floor the other...