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    Something I hope Cathe never sees

    LOL! Who knew there were so many different ways to do a push-up??? Holy Cow.
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    2 month STS/Metabolic/Hiit Undulating Rotation

    Wow, this looks great. I did an undulating STS rotation before and really liked it - it kept me from getting bored with STS. Your rotations are so challenging! Keep them coming. ;) Regina
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    XTrain/LIS Metabolic Split Rotation plus XTrain/LIS/100 rep challenge/ Metabolic Rota

    Finally got around to trying this rotation. Will finish week 1 today. Boy, did it kick my butt, but I think it is just what I needed to get me out of my rut. I swear, my jeans already feel better in the legs and yesterday DH commented about my butt. :eek: Hope you come up with some more...
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    Wow, this looks great. I'm in the middle of doing an undulating rotation with STS now. When I am finished, I think I will start this. Thanks for putting it together. Regina :)
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    Determined to use cathe sts to win company transformation challenge

    Good luck!! I really look forward to reading about your progress, especially since we are the same age. :) Regina
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    I joined Zgym to try it out for a month and actually just joined for a second month. The Zshred that she does I think takes it up a notch. It's amazing how much you can sweat in such a short amount of time. I'm so amazed as what it has done for me and I thought I was in pretty good shape to...
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    I have the strength set. I just add it on to my workouts a couple of times a week. I actually joined her ZGym and in 6 weeks have gotten amazing results. Absolutely love the short, intense workouts. Regina
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    Running & Cathe

    I'm training for the Dopey Challenge in January in Disney. Wow, lots of great ideas here to take into consideration. Thanks! :) Regina
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    Salt, Sugar Fat by Michael Moss

    I'm reading this book now. Excellent read! A real eye opener.
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    New Find...Awesome Online Spin Classes

    Thanks for the tip! Looks cool!
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    Horizontal Conditioning

    So glad to hear that this has helped with running. I just bought volumes 1 and 3 and am slowly working them into my rotations. Looking forward to what it can do for my running, too. :) Regina
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    Horizontal Conditioning

    LOL, I thought the same thing that it was a sign. I really wanted to go with the 8 but now I'm thinking I won't be so greedy and maybe I'll just get volume 1 so I can get Cathe's presale later on in the month. I'm really trying hard to stay focused on getting my credit card bill down but they...
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    Horizontal Conditioning

    Thanks so much for letting me know. Which ones are you ordering? I can't make up mind. :confused:
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    Horizontal Conditioning

    I went to order today and the same thing happened. I also hope I didn't miss it. Regina
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    Horizontal Conditioning

    Thanks for the info. Now, to just decide which ones to choose. Decisions, decisions. Regina
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    Horizontal Conditioning

    Does anyone know how long the 25% off code is good for? Thanks, Regina
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    xtrain and STS rotation

    I also love your aggressive approach. If I don't start this today, I will start it soon. Please keep us updated on your results! :) Regina
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    We just got one and absolutely love it!!! Love being able to eat more veggies. The soups are awesome as well as the smoothies. One of our best purchases ever! :)
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    Did Ride yesterday on the treadmill......

    What a great idea! Can't wait to try it this way! :)
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    IT CAME IT CAME IT CAME!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, you are so lucky!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow. Have fun with it. :) Regina