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    Will Cathe make more videos with the Boss Bands/Loops?

    Hi, there. Just wondering whether the Boss Bands were a one-time thing or if she plans to make more videos with them.
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    Question about Cathe's future use of 'boss bands,' lack of use of blue loop in Boss Bands.

    I was a little disappointed that I bought the new bands/loops and then the blue loop was never used in the loop video. That, paired with the fact that I didn't find either video especially challenging (Glutes and Core will be okay for low energy days, I guess, but the Total Body one won't be of...
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    Hula Hoops

    Are hula hoops actually especially good for mid-section strengthening or is it more of a gimmick/trend?
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    More advanced cardio ... w/o burpees or step!

    I literally own all non-step Cathe videos and the only cardio I do routinely (3x/wk) is: X10 (X65 premix) Strong & Sweaty: Cardio Slam X-Train: Tabatacize Perfect 30 HIIT (both together) X-Train Low Impact HIIT and Ripped with HIIT Low Impact HIIT (together) and, occasionally, on low-energy...
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    Boss Bands Difficulty Level? Like/unlike other band workouts?

    Hi, there. What is the difficulty level on these DVDs? I found the Fit Tower DVDs pretty beginner-like and nothing one couldn't get (and get more thoroughly) from other Cathe videos, so I'm hesitant to invest in a bunch of new equipment if it's not going to be tough enough. In case it helps...
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    CORE … now that crunches are bad for you!

    Recently, two healthcare professionals (a certified personal trainer and a physiotherapist) have said that it is accepted wisdom that sit-ups are a no-no as are leg-in-the-air ab moves. It seems that the harm (to your back, especially) outweighs the benefits. But I'm not really clear on what...
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    Tabatacize 2

    I think that in all honesty, X-Train's Tabatacize is the only cardio workout that is perfect for me. I like some others (namely: Cardio Core Circuit, Strong and Sweaty's Cardio Slam, X10, X-Train's All Out Low Impact Cardio, Low Impact Series' Afterburn and Cardio Supersets). I will also do...
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    Backdrops to LITE?

    I am hoping the new LITE series will have a sunny, outdoor setting. I love seeing water or trees or landscapes. In the past decade, most videos have had gloomy, monochromatic, urban settings (or just a white background). I feel psychologically refreshed seeing a pleasant outdoor setting. Any...
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    Suggestions for excellent sports bras?

    I am giving up on Brooks (which used to be Moving Comfort). I always loved the Fiona and liked the Jubralee but neither is supportive enough since Brooks bought the company. After twenty years, I need a new bra company! I am 32D or 32DD and need maximum support. I'm in my late thirties and...
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    More Cardio!

    In general, more straight cardio videos. Because I alternate strength and cardio every day, I would love more variety of non-metabolic (or at least light-weight metabolic) aerobics. Anything (except step) would be fine with me--just more! I'm hoping the new ICE videos are like this but even...
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    new advanced workouts

    Suggestions from a Cathe fanatic . . . More tabata and hiit--both high and low impact. My (aerobic) faves: X-train, x10, Crossfire, Afterburn. NO STEP or at least make it a premix option to do EVERYTHING BUT STEP. This is overlooked on some DVDS and can be very frustrating. I'd love an...
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    Can anybody help re: strength training?

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to get some help from better-educated exercisers about the optimal way to incorporate weights/strength training. My questions are these (but any additional advice about things I haven't asked about would also be greatly appreciated!): 1. how frequently should I do...
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    Question about how to schedule weights workouts.

    Hi Cathe. Firstly, let me say thank you. I've worked out since I was sixteen but since I found you a few years ago, I do your DVDs almost exclusively and I'm about a thousand times more fit than I was after years and years of exercising. Now in my mid-thirties, I feel unbelievably strong and...
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    Neglected Muscles: Strength and Stretch

    We tend to always work the same muscles, even if in different ways. I am always shocked when I do ballet work and don't have the hip muscles to do all of those endless plies even though I can do normal strength training without a problem. So . . . Why not a 'neglected muscles' DVD that...
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    Suggestions for how to include weights in rotations?

    Hi! Regarding weights: I know not to do heavy weights on the same muscle group two days in a row but other than that are there basic guidelines I should follow? For instance, how frequently should one do heavy weights? I want to build strength and endurance and don't want to plateau, so I...
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    What are the differences between Cathe's weights workouts?

    I'm a big Cathe fan but am really only now getting serious about weights. I have the XTRAIN DVDs and some singles (e.g. High Reps, Lower Body Blast, etc.) but am now wondering about her other series. So I have two questions: 1. How different are heavy weights/strength videos? Overall, does...
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    Question about Step in the new DVDs

    Can somebody tell me whether the step is necessary in any of the new workouts (other than the cycle one--Pedal Power--or the devoted step on--Party Rockin Step)? (I.e. are the remaining five step-free or minimal in their use of step?) If any of the remaining five are step-intensive, could you...
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    What does "DOMS" mean?

    Everybody uses this term but I can't figure out what it means. Help!
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    Cathe website video search suggestions

    I don't know which forum is best suited to comments on in general, so I'll try the open discussion. As someone who can't do step and so only wants to find workouts that don't use the step, I have spent A LOT of time reading descriptions and watching video clips on in order...
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    More all-around workouts WITHOUT the Step!

    I am a devoted Cathe video user but I'm seriously limited in which of her DVDs I can do since I don't do Step. I love some of the new videos in various series that don't use the Step, but the Step sneaks in all over the place. I try to modify and just do the moves on the floor but it's just...