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  1. fitover40

    Who Cares - May !

    Hi ladies! Starting the thread and being oh so NOT creative! Yesterday, Sunday, My left shoulder blade really hurt, I don't think it was from the UB weights Saturday (that wass XT CBS), because I do that so much and with my same wimpy weights, then I thought back. DH and I was moving some...
  2. fitover40

    Who cares - April

    Hi everyone! Hope everyone's April got off to a good start. Probably a busy start since no one has started the thread yet. I took total rest days, Fri/Sat/Sun. My knee has been bothering me so I'm trying to be smart and rest it! Friday I was just tired anyway, Saturday was busy, went to bike...
  3. fitover40

    Who cares - May flowers!

    HI all, finally the rain/snow has left! it was a soggy weekend! I did RWH BSB sunday, RWH CST today then a 10 mile bike ride. I'm doing my PT exercises and am hopeful. Roxie, thanks for bringing the sunshine! What is everyone else up to?
  4. fitover40

    Who cares - MARCHing on!

    Hi everyone, new month! Murphy, I don't think I'll ever be ready for blasts! Meltdowns can still be performed with lower weight if you are bored and want something different or do only 1 body part a day. Mary, wow! Disney! I guess you are just winging it? Ronne, glad DH is better, sounds a...
  5. fitover40

    Peroneal tendonitis

    Another thread prompted me to ask who has experienced peroneal tendonitis. I just was diagnosed with this after several months of left foot into ankle pain that I could just shake off and continue my workout and walks/hikes. It ended up with not being able to walk at all while on a trip to...
  6. fitover40

    Who cares - HO HO HO!

    Hey ladies! Getting us started. I just had my massage so want to make this quick and relax my neck. Massage lady looked at my ankle and she wrapped it. She thinks there is something going on at this point and if it is still bad after Disney to get myself to an ortho. Her guesses......there...
  7. fitover40

    Who cares? November

    So creative with the title, not! At least I'm getting us started. Rest day both Saturday and Sunday today was bm2 double upper premix, was hard, wth!? Tomorrow is massage and day with my girlfriend so won't be checking in.
  8. fitover40

    Who cares? Falling into fall

    Yea! We're official!
  9. fitover40

    40s+++ August adventures

    Happy August! Put in the +'s for those of us going waaaaay past the 40 mark. A couple weeks and I add another year. Yesterday was sts disc11, nothing today but a dog walk. My knee is really bothering me from the hike. Will have massage on Tue will see if the tibialus anterior muscle...
  10. fitover40

    40's+ April

    Hey, no creativity on title. I was finally on the computer so thought I'd start the thread (don't know how on my phone). Let's see, massage was great, I had a huge sore spot on my left shoulder blade, I swear I moaned as she worked it out it felt so good. Wed I did AOLI, Thurs-spinning...
  11. fitover40

    40's April no fooling!

    Hi ladies! I did 60 min on the reformer then 30 min of horizontal jumping (love it for some reason), I really have to breath on that too! I was bored so did another 60 min reformer w/o. Trying to decide which ones I want to buy and download :) So many on are very...
  12. fitover40

    40's+ December -last mth of 2013!

    just putting a dec thread, I will be so happy to see 2013 go. No w/o, puppy palooza. DS21 has a bunch of "rules" with the puppy, and I got busted. DH left :( Longing for my quiet old body........
  13. fitover40

    40's August how I love thee

    starting thread, my birthday month. no wonder I got all these emails this morning about my birthday month and still didn't realize we needed a new thread! PT went well, 5 new exercises....I, T, Y on ball, and 2 foam roller exercises (one like where in Cathe yoga she threads her arm thru (the...
  14. fitover40

    40's monthly thread until June 30th

    Just starting you guys off. I do like having a thread for a month. Hope the name is ok, and it lets you know when next thread should start?
  15. fitover40

    40's - week of May 19

    OK, who is going to be the official thread starter? One more Sunday and I won't be able to. Not sure WHAT I'll be able to do in that hard collar and I'll be in it for 6 weeks. I tried it out yesterday, VERY limiting, will be hard to even read. I have a wedge pillow coming that will hopefully...
  16. fitover40

    40's - Mother's R Special

    Hi all, hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day. Move in day yesterday was a lot more work than I was planning. Thankfully had a good day, probably mostly because I'm not doing the things I know that aggravate my neck (no w/o, no sleeping on left---too long, no reclining in expensive...
  17. fitover40

    40's - spring in their step

    Wow, either everyone must enjoying spring, working, or I scared you away with my depressing last post. Rested Sat, my lower back (esp on right) hurt this morning since I've been staying away from sleeping on left (but my neck/arm felt ok), so did YR, got a bit of a "catch" in my neck now...
  18. fitover40

    40's - taxing times

    Just starting the thread, rest day for me, last 2 days of w/o's and I feel it in the one area of the neck the injections didn't get so I didn't sleep well. I think I've tested these injections enough so I'm going to take it easy and enjoy some relative pain free time. Hopefully today we get...
  19. fitover40

    40's - April showers

    Slept pretty good, woke up with neck feeling better than normal. It hurt so much yesterday, nothing helped it, then I went and laid down with heating pad, fell asleep and 2 hrs later the crick came out and was back to how it normally feels. Did KM today, skipped blasts and no jumping jacks...
  20. fitover40

    40's - Hop to it!

    Starting off thread, hope everyone has a good day. Jody, I totally screwed up my eats yesterday, really bad painful day and I caved. Yea, on your 125, hope everything goes ok for your Mom. Did she have heart pains and go to ER and now they are doing the stress test?