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  1. syzygy314

    On Demand Account Status

    Hi! I haven't been working out in a while and I signed up for Cathe Live and On Demand for a year back in July 2017. I am connecting my Cathe accounts to my Roku and I can access Cathe Live, but my On Demand account says it's, not suspended, but static or something like that. Basically, I can't...
  2. syzygy314

    Jogglers October

    Welcome ladies! We're 3 days into October! How is it all going? I still haven't started working out again yet, but at least my neck is fine and I am having no pain! Yay!
  3. syzygy314


    Hi ladies! Happy April Fool's Day! We had nice temps today and some sun, finally! STS Disc 22 Chest Shoulders and Triceps minus shoulders and a stretch today. Feeling good and hoping to drop 10 lbs. this month! Jane - Sorry the weather didn't cooperate for your race on Saturday...
  4. syzygy314


    Happy April 2nd! Glad no one hit me with any April Fool's jokes! I'm a sucker! Did XTrain Cardio Leg Blast tonight because I don't have Lower Body Blast. I'm hoping that was a good trade off! Tomorrow is Kick Punch & Crunch, so I know I won't miss that one! Hope you ladies are doing well!
  5. syzygy314


    Hello SNM! Posted this in New Workouts Forum as well. I just tried to do Disc 2 Bis and Tris and at about 35 minutes left, the download froze and would not continue. I had my husband check it and it is NOT a computer problem. Has any else had this issue? I would download it again, but...
  6. syzygy314


    Hello SNM! I just tried to do Disc 2 Bis and Tris and at about 35 minutes left, the download froze and would not continue. I had my husband check it and it is NOT a computer problem. Has any else had this issue? I would download it again, but want to find out if it is something that needs...
  7. syzygy314

    Mac Lion OS and Workout Blender

    I haven't heard as to whether WB is ready with updates for the Mac version. Can I use WB now with Lion OS? Thank you!
  8. syzygy314


    Here's a brilliant idea! Has anyone considered adding a share button to the workout video clips? No better way to spread the word about Cathe's fantastic workout programs than to be able to, not just post what workout we did to Facebook through the Workout Manager, but if we could add a video...
  9. syzygy314


    I can't seem to get my WB to work. Thought it might be because I hadn't upgraded to the most recent version. I tried to download it and it gave me an error. Is this because I have a Mac with Lion OSX? HELP! Before you ask the typical questions, yes, my system is completely compatible. It...
  10. syzygy314

    MAY 2011 JOGGLERS!

    Well, we've made it to May! The 5th month of the year! Just think, next month will be halfway through! Ugh. I don't like to think about winter coming again already! :( I did STS Disc 10 Chest, Shoulders & Biceps tonight and man, those overhead press drop sets at the end almost killed me! I...
  11. syzygy314

    WM to Facebook Posts

    Since last night, completed workouts logged in the WM are not showing on the News Feed of FB, but only on profile pages. :( Several of us are having this problem. Has something changed with the WM? Is it a bug on the WM end or FB end? :confused: Thank you! :)
  12. syzygy314


    Hi there! I am in the midst of issues regarding calorie burn per workout. I started wondering how I could check and/or compare current readings with previous ones. Is there any way y'all (using all my southern charm here ;)) could add functions to the WM so that we could pull up charts...
  13. syzygy314


    Any idea why or when it will be back up? I need to log my workout! :eek: Thank you! :)
  14. syzygy314

    Washington D.C. 10/30 & 10/31

    Hi everyone! DH and I spent the weekend in DC for the Rally and the MCM! Here is my recap of the 2! Hope you'll read it and let me know what you think! :D
  15. syzygy314

    WB/Mac Message

    Did anyone get a message on their Mac saying that this type of file can harm the computer? Did you download anyway? Any problems? Thanks!
  16. syzygy314

    Waiting . . .

    Anything new on progress?
  17. syzygy314

    DVD v. Download Videos

    What happened to this week's video? I haven't been able to find it! Yes, you got me hooked on these cute promo videos! They're what I look for first on Monday morning! Where's my fix? (sobbing into handkerchief) :(:(:(
  18. syzygy314

    Found a Nutrition Calculator Website!

    For anyone who counts calories, this might be helpful. I struggle with calculating the nutritional value of recipes that aren't readily available anywere else. I hate doing it by hand, but have done that. :mad: Its time consuming and frustrating. I found this great website that will do...
  19. syzygy314

    High Step?

    Cathe or SNM: I noticed the high step has been off the Shop Cathe site for quite a while now. Are they just out of stock or will you not be carrying those anymore? Thanks!
  20. syzygy314

    HIIT/Tabata v. Steady State

    HI Cathe! I could sure use some encouragement here! :confused: I started a rotation with bodyweight workouts ranging from 12 mins. to 30 mins. depending on whether it's a tabata or timed workout. These are all designed for higher intensity for optimal fat burning (or so they say)...