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    weighted gloves

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a pair of weighted gloves with removeable weights? I was trying to take advantage of Prime day sales if anyone knows which ones would be best.
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    STS question

    I am now in Meso 2 of STS. I am concerned about the Legs section in Meso 3; I have been having trouble all along with each Leg workout, mainly because I cannot bend my knees below 90 degrees, because of my hip replacement. Also, I have scoliosis, and I am a bit off balance. I use a balance stick...
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    Change password

    I got a message that my password was compromised. Does anyone know how to change your password?
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    Fit tower

    Where do you purchase Cathe's Fit tower that she uses?
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    STS Cardio and STS Strength programs

    I just ordered the STS cardio program to go with my STS strength series. Is there any guidance as to which DVD should be used along with the strength DVD's? Or do you just choose one and work it in during the non-strength days? I do not see a user guide with the STS Cardio, will one be sent with...
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    How do you print XTrain worksheets?

    How do you print XTrain Worksheets? I see complete instructions for the STS program, but nothing on XTrain. I have gone to the Calendar, but there are no options there either. I have taken 1 Rep tests for most of the exercises, and would like to print out worksheets as I did in the STS program.