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    @DAILY CHECK IN Friday April 7th @

    Hello All, Today I did WATP 2 miles and that was it. Planned to do Hardcore Chest and Tris but just ran out of time this AM. Peg,you are in my thoughts and prayers.--Carolyn
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    Daily Check-in, Thursday, April 6, 2017

    Good Evening All, Quick check-in, I did Hardcore back, shoulders and biceps this am and 2 mile WATP this evening. I also do weight watchers at work and I loss 2 lbs (we wont discuss how much I gained b4 losing those 2 lbs). Have a good evening--Carolyn
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    Daily Check-in, Wed., April 5, 2017

    Hello all and thanks for the warm welcomes. My condolences to you Peg on the loss of your father. Please try and find a quiet time to grieve and do some self-care. I lost my dad in 2010 and moved back into my childhood city and home to care for my mom. Hence the 7 year absence and my decline...
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    Daily check in 4.4.17

    Hi. Is it ok if I post on this thread. I haven't been here since 2010 and I really neeed the accountability of checkin when I do my workouts.
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    Index of Cathe Rotations April '03 - Jul '08 (CatheNation Links)

    Thanks, I hope this gets sticky also.
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    Excel Spreadsheets

    Thanks for updating this link. I just logged on hoping to find a spreadsheet to use with GS.
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    May 08 Check in Monday 12th

    Hello all, Kathy, sounds like the communion ceremony was very special, cograts! Chris, glad you and your family are doing better. Was it some type of food poisioning? Vilma, you are so dedicated, I love checking in and getting motivated from your post. Also, I have a HRM, had it for a...
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    May 08 Check in Friday 9th

    Morning all, Sorry for not checkin in yesterday. Worked late and did not get in my GS training. Guess I have to do it today. Vilma, you daughter is beautiful, just like her mom. You look so young I am sure people think you are her older sister:). Chris, your son is so cute! What a...
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    May 08 Check in Wednesday 7th

    Happy Birthday Chris! I turned 45 in January. I am going through a mid life "clarity". Nothing crisis about it. Just made a major decision to leave my job of 13 years, leave my home of 16 and relocate back to my native city. I feel fine as I have been doing this workout thing since the...
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    May 08 Check in Wednesday 7th

    Morning, Vilma, it is day 3 for me also. I will do my wog today after work. My legs feel the calf work now and I am sure the rest will start to feel it after the day wears on. I bought a pair of gloves that have the writ wraps. I tried on just a plain wrist wrap but then decided on...
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    May 08 Check in Tuesday 6th

    Confession time! I have never done the floor section of GS legs, I just do the standing part, stretch and declare VICTORY}(! Didn't even dawn on me to do the floor work till I came here and saw you all talking about it. In the spirit of you all I'll tough through it, I will actually do more...
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    May 08 Check in Tuesday 6th

    Morning All, Went out to dinner and ate off plan but seeing how the rest of the day was on target, I feel fine about that. Today will be totally on plan. Wrist is hurting so I passed on the weight training last night but I will get it in. Will stop at Dicks Sporting and get some wrist...
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    May 08 Check in Monday 5th

    Morning all, I started this rotation today also. I brought it with 50 minutes of kickboxing (Kick Punch and Crunch), kickboxing only, and 20 minutes of stretching (StretchMax). I will do GS BSB this evening. I don't get up early enough to get everything done and I really like doing...
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    May 08 Check in Sunday 4th

    Good evening all, Just wanted to check-in and say I am looking forward to starting tomorrow. Plan to do my cardio in the am and the GS in the evening. Have a good one-Carolyn
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    May 08 Check in Saturday 3rd

    Good evening, I will be starting the May 08 rotation on Monday and wanted to introduce myself. I just joined Cathe forums tonight but have been lurking for well over a year. I am single with a 13 year old cocker spaniel. I love kickboxing, biking and an ocassional fast walk or light jog...