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    Advice on treadmill belt width.

    @Hazlady my feet also turn out when I walk so I opted for a wider belt when purchasing my treadmill. I believe mine is 20 inches wide but 18 would probably be suitable. I just knew if I went too narrow I would be obsessing over for placement and staying upright (not tripping!). I didn't...
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    Oct 21, 2021

    Love the KB Lives! Bring on the heavy bag
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    Favorite Water Bottle

    Oh no! That smell situation would be unpleasant. I will monitor for that. Thanks for the heads up, firemedic. I agree that things just don't seem to have the same quality as they used to. Maybe it's better just to buy the cheap stuff from the get go, since even expensive products often...
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    Favorite Water Bottle

    Thank you for the suggestions @snowlover and @sneakers! I am going with a Hydroflask with a straw lid. The Nalgene options look good but I need the convenience of a straw. The Hydroflasks are pricey so good to know they can last 9 years!
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    Favorite Water Bottle

    Refreshing this thread because I need a portable water bottle to motivate me to drink water throughout the day. What water bottle are the cool kids using these days? :) Lisa
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    foam rollers

    I don't know that there is a "best" length. Mine is 36 inches long and high density. It has worked well for my needs. I have used it for foam rolling routines on video, and also my chiropractor has given me specific foam rolling exercises to use that require the 36 inch. I have toyed with...
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    foam rollers

    Kim, definitely get yourself a foam roller. I don't have Cathe's foam roller but I use mine daily. DAILY! It is amazing for recovery, mobility, muscle relief. There are tons of free YouTube foam rolling videos. I highly recommend the CDornerfitness channel on YouTube. She has quite a few of...
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    Video clip of Cathe's 30 Minute Kickbox Express Live Workout

    A great workout for a Friday morning. My favorite combo was the lateral jump/shuffle and cross punch sequence. Overall sweaty, fierce, and over before you know it. Thanks!
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    Video Clip of Cathe's 30 Minute Hiit Express Live

    Thanks for this one. Looks like a fun workout! Doing this tomorrow, minus the tuck jumps, heel clicks, air jacks, and burpees.
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    Step workout

    There goes Cathe, once again proving who's boss! You're so awesome to be even considering this, but of course we will wait for the right time because we all want you to be safe and healthy before anything else.
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    Planks vs. Crunches

    Congrats on the progress in your healing journey! In addition to what @Lady Vol Fan said, you could look into Stuart McGill's research on safe core training. He is one of the most respected researchers on how to manage back pain but it seems it could be beneficial for managing your neck...
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Birthday Bash Live Workout

    Cathe, you are always in good spirits for us during Lives but your birthday cheer was off the charts in this one. So happy, fun, and sweaty. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day after this just as much!
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    My July “Eye” Update

    That is news worth celebrating! Happy for you and your family that you are doing so well! Show that eye "who's boss!" :D
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Intense Upper Body Live Workout

    Love it when Al is in the house!!! A great UB workout, thank you Cathe.
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    Video Clip Of Cathe's Boss Loops

    Thanks for the clip! @forum_admin I'm confused with Cathe and crew are wearing the bands so high up on their legs? I remember Cathe always saying (like during the floor segment of Lower Body Blast) that you get more glute activation with the band lower, closer to the knees??? Thanks
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    An Update From Cathe

    Thank you for the update! So glad you are moving along in your recovery. Sounds like you are healing like a boss (no surprise there)! Great photo, especially that cute kitty wearing matching sunglasses. :cool:
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    Cathe, best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    Ditto! Please take care of yourself!
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    Cathe Live Subscribers Please Read

    Take care of yourself, Cathe! Take all the time you need to heal. I'm so glad you listened to your body, observed the warning signs, and got the medical care you needed right away! Sending best wishes and virtual flowers to you and your family. Xoxo
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    Pre-Order Cathe's New Boss Bands, Loops, DVDs & Downloads

    Will these fabric bands and loops be used in future Cathe Live workouts?
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    Asking for a friend...Post Pregnancy core

    Mom of 4 with healed DR here, so speaking from experience that yes, crunches should DEFINITELY be avoided while healing. Planks are controversial, and I still basically avoid them all together. Rule of thumb: Any exercise that makes your belly dome into a cone shape or a loaf shape is a...