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    Bosu Ball

    Was thinking about purchasing a bosu ball to help with balance training and other type workouts. There are different ones from Bosu so having trouble figuring out which to use. I'm 5'2, should I get the regular size or the sport size one that is smaller? Any recommendations? Thanks.
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    Cathe Live App

    I have the Cathe Live App on my IPAD and when I try and use the search function to find a workout, I get a message to please purchase your monthly subscription from settings. When I go to settings I have signed in. My subscription is not through Itunes, but Cathe. Any ideas or help?
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    Boxing Gloves

    What size boxing gloves does Cathe use in her live and dvds? 12 or 14 ounces?
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    Does Cathe have a rotation that incorporates boxing and strength using different dvds?
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    Is there a way to see a sample of the move that you need to test your 1rm without having to find in the STS Workouts discs themselves?
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    Micro Load Gloves

    Does anyone know where they can be purchased? Need to increase db weight, but jumping up 5lbs is too much. I know Cathe used to sell and also used in the STS workouts. Thanks
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    Looking for Xtrain Advice

    What is your favorite Xtrain rotation? I don't know if I really want to commit to 90 days. Really like heavy lifting, low impact cardio. Just can't seem to settle on a good rotation
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    Cathe Live Rotations

    Are there any rotations using Cathe Live workouts? Looking to subscribe to Live, but also need to follow preset rotations otherwise I never know what to pick. Looking for rotation that includes weights for fat loss/toning.
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    Live and On Demand

    Does Cathe ever have a sale or discount for Live or on Demand?
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    Step Workouts

    Other than Basic Step which I found at Goodwill. What is the best Cathe DVD to learn the step moves. I like step workouts, but really need to work on my coordination without getting frustrated. Sometimes I think I will never get some of these moves right and she makes them look so easy in the...
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    Random Workouts or Rotations

    Do you find that you get better results with randomly picked workouts or with a set rotation? If rotation, do you pick one already made or create your own?
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    MESO 2&3

    I really don't like high rep workouts and I know there are a lot of reps in Meso 1. Would I still benefit from STS if I only both Meso 2 & 3? Or just 3?
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    Combined Rotation

    I am only using three instructors that I enjoy, Cathe, KCM and Jessica Smith. I love lifting heavy weights. Has anyone created any rotations that they are willing to share that may incorporate these instructor's dvds combined in a rotation? I am not really good at making a rotation, but need...
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    Strength Rotation

    Looking for a rotation that may have been created that would include Cathe's heavier weight dvds (older and newer ones). I prefer split body workouts instead of total body ones. Any good ones out there?
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    Strong & Sweaty or Fit Split

    I purchased LiTe and did 30 day rotationand with the exception of Cardio Party, liked all the workouts.. I want to be able to mix it up. Which would be better to purchase S&S or Fit Split. I am looking for incorporating more/heavier weights to my workouts.
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    Lite Rotation

    I am about to start the LITE Series. Is it best to start with the normal rotation as written the first time through? I haven't really followed any of Cathe's rotations, so will I get the best results following as written?
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    Spin Bike

    I want to purchase a spin bike (xmas present from Hubby). Does anyone have the Sole SB700? Price is good right now. I was also looking at the Sunny B1002 which has good reviews and is less. New to spinning and just can't decide. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I have determined that I am not very good at squats and really need to correct my form and get it right. I have only followed DVDs for my exercises so that may be the case. I have searched online and there are so many different takes on the best way to correct your form and do them right...
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    Putting Cathe and LMP together

    I am thinking about doing Les Mills Pump 2 to 3 days a week, but also want to keep doing Cathe workouts on the other days. Looking for a workout recommendations of Cathe's or a rotation that would make a good combination.
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    Anyone doing ICE/RWH Rotation

    Started this rotation yesterday and wanted to see if anyone is doing or has done this one yet.