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    Last Chance To Pre-Order the Fit Tower™

    Did you ever get the 10% discount? It would not accept my coupon either.
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    4 lb micro-load gloves

    I ordered the Pace Weights today. THANK YOU! No more trying to get those weights in my gloves before the next exercise.
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    Starting ICE 1/4/16

    Heading to my garage gym to do Chiseled Upper Body, I am doing her January rotation and started also on Monday. So far so good.
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    CRACY, STRONG AND LOVING IT January 2016 - January 2020

    Hello ladies, First time on this thread. Would y'all allow me to join even if I am only doing the Ice Rotation with some heavy lifting in between?
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    Turbo tower question

    I would so get one. I missed out the first time around. After doing STS almost 15 times since its debut, I see what a gem the turbo bar is. So put my name down please.
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    Turbo tower question

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    Bodybuilding/Sculpting check-in;-)

    Jen, you are the one with Platemates and Nathalie uses the Gorilla plates. I am so confused. So which are easier to use in lifting? I can't get past using the 15 pounders even with the lifting gloves with weights. I try to lift 20's but they are way too heavy for me . I can't bust that plateau...
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    Bodybuilding/Sculpting check-in;-)

    Sorry Nathalie, The last post was meant for Jen about Yoga X. Jen, is stretch 40 in turbo fire in that bundle that I bought from beach body? I bought that bundle and I think I need to take it out and do it. My problem is I get so stuck in following one person and routine that I forget...
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    Bodybuilding/Sculpting check-in;-)

    Nathalie, How much do you loathe Yoga X? I really want to know. I have a Barney kids video that my daughter loved so much to watch when she was younger. Now when I hear any of the songs from that video I really feel like retching. I hate that video! So I think I know what you mean when you say...
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    Bodybuilding/Sculpting check-in;-)

    Nathalie, where did you get your plate mates and how much did they cost. How do you use them compared to the weight gloves Cathe uses in the STS program?
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    Bodybuilding/Sculpting check-in;-)

    Howdy everyone, Funny how it all works out sometimes. I had a good week last week and did all of the January 3rd week rotation and added gym styles. I seem to like those heavy weight routines better than I do the STS. So in order to lift heavy at this point, I better do the DVD's I like. Don't...
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    Bodybuilding/Sculpting check-in;-)

    Hello everyone! I have to say that I am quite impressed with how well everyone is doing. And yes, I get quite inspired with those heavy weights that you are all lifting. I guess it might be obvious that I have not been working out to STS since I have come back from vacation at the beginning...
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    Bodybuilding/Sculpting check-in;-)

    Hello,hello. Jen, Very Happy Belated Birthday!!! Do you feel any different? You know, I'll be turning 47 in March and not once since I have been in my 40's have I felt any different. Good Thing?!! Mary and Jen- when are you going to have the time to do all those DVDs? Whenever I read that...
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    Bodybuilding/Sculpting check-in;-)

    Hello ladies, Nathalie you have me pegged. I am very discouraged about getting back into my workout routine. Two weeks off for me and I want to throw in the towel. I will say though, that the Calendar January rotation has me excited so If it means me doing it to get back into working out, I...
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    Two different rotations for January

    Hi Cathe, I received your inspiring and fun calendar today and was so happy to see your January rotation for Fat Loss. I also saw that you posted a January rotation. They both look fun and I wish I could do them both in the same month. What will the difference be in the end results after...
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    January 2014 Rotation

    What a fantastic rotation. You are the best Cathe.
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    calendar 2014

    The rotation is different than the one she posted today for January. thank you Cathe for the inspiring calendar. It made my day to receive it.
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    Friendly reminder - January rotation

    The rotation in the calendar is quite different than the rotation posted by Cathe for the January rotation. I got my calendar today. Jen, I think you would like the rotation in the calendar.
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    Bodybuilding/Sculpting check-in;-)

    Quick check in ladies. I did not keep up with my workouts last week . We did a short ski trip to the Colorado mountains and now we are back home. Obviously, diet wasn't there either. Now, we are leaving to New Mexico for a ski trip before going back to work. I am going to try to get something...
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    STS Cathe please help!!!

    Clare, Thank you for reminding us that being there for our family is what matters most. We get so wrapped up in doing our workouts just right when in reality, anything we can do is better than not doing anything at all. I was working out to Disc 13 STS when my daughter had called me to pick...