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    2022 Calendar??

    Yay! It's the only calendar I use!!
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    PHA2 vs PHA3

    Get them all - you will not be disappointed. :D
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    My July “Eye” Update

    Hi Cathe, those floaters and the "chunky one" will hopefully disappear on it's own. I had cataract surgery and had lots of floaters and with time they disappeared. The eye has its own timetable, believe me. Glad you are on the road to healing which is great!! YAY!!
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    Cathe Boss Bands & Loops Update 6-14-21

    I'll wait as long as it takes - it's ALWAYS WORTH THE WAIT for any of Cathe's new DVDs!!
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    Alternative for Thursdays?

    I totally agree with the Forum Administrator. Let Cathe rest and recuperate; there are 346 different live workouts to choose from. Let's not worry her about having a live workout on Thursdays with someone different. I like to do them ONLY with Cathe. If it takes several weeks to several...
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    The Viper Workout - WOW!!

    Hi Karategirl, yes, The Gauntlet is another great workout, also a tough one.
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    The Viper Workout - WOW!!

    Hello, this week I am doing some of the older workouts and The Viper is very tough. I did it 2 years ago and it did not get easy!! LOL Anyway, it was so much fun and yes, very challenging. Just wanted to le you all know if you want to do an "oldie but goodie". It is this DVD, which brings...
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    Low Weight, Low Impact

    Hi Stacy, it is definitely possible to do non impact and using light weights/higher rep. Not sure if you have Cathe's DVDs that use this method: High Reps, Muscle Max, Muscle Endurance just to name a few. You can also use lighter weights on many of the DVDs to customize to your goals. Most...
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    BOSS Bands, Loops, DVDs & Downloads Pre-Sale

    I got my order in!!! YAY!!!
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    new series in the works????

    YAY!!! And she's going to have DVDs available, wonderful!! So happy!!!
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    For giggles and grins...Missing Cathe

    Fantastic and funny!! Very good!!!
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    I need encouragement

    Hi Janey BZ, first of all of us Cathletes have experienced an injury or illness that would make us either reduce our workouts or not workout at all for a long time until our body is healed. Give your wrist time to heal so that you do not reinjure it again. Also getting Covid is no joke and I am...
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    Heart Rate Question

    Hi, I think it all depends on what muscle you are using. I also find myself with a lower heart rate but breathing hard and at times breathing hard but the heart rate is not that high. I would not let these numbers have an impact on enjoying your workouts (I'm not saying that you are not...
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    Wobbly Step Platform

    Hi Tootles, is the floor you have your Step on flat/level? If the floor is not flat/level, I can see it being wobbly. But I'm a little nervous for you regarding the step popping up, it can really make you fall or hit you hard. I have the original step that is blue, I've had it for over 25...
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    February 2021 Rotation

    I was going to do a different rotation but when I saw this one, I got excited and changed it to this February rotation. Thanks Cathe!! Love this!!!
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    Covid in USA

    I can't wait until I get my vaccine. I agree with you Jennifer Denny, that at least with the vaccine you are not carrier of the Covid and helping others stay protected. Of course, everyone needs to make their own decision regarding the vaccine. I'm 62 with no allergies or particular health...
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    New Year's Eve

    This year has been tough since I was not able to hang out with my best friend - my sister - she lives in California and we are both in our early 60s, with medical issues, so we promised each other to sacrifice one or two years of not visiting and resume when it's perfectly safe (virus is...
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    Covid in USA

    @Mad-Dog88 That was hilarious and fun to watch - thanks for sharing!!