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    Workout Manager Not Saving New Workouts

    For some reason the Workout Manager, for the last few days, is no longer able to save a new workout I enter. It says it is saved but then it isn't in the list to select, once you go back to the calendar. Is anyone else finding this and if so can it be fixed? TIA
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    Perfect30 Rotations

    Which series will be used in the rotations in the User Guide for Perfect30?
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    Video Clip of Extended Stretch - Lying Stretch?

    Is there a video clip of the second extended stretch - as I have only seen one for the chair stretch? Thanks
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    Step Boss Rotations

    Hi Cathe, I was just wondering how many rotations there will be for Step Boss, in the user guide, and which other series will the rotations be mixed with? Thank you!
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    Workout Manager Not Working

    Hi, for some reason the Workout Manager doesn't seem to be working for the last 2 days. When I try to add a cardio workout the menu disappears and for Weight workouts the symbol shows up but all the info is blank. Any ideas please? TIA
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    Pyramid Premixes Missing

    I was looking for the premixes for the Intensity Series Pyramid Upper Body but they are not on the workout blender (it just shows the titles but you can't play them) or the Cathe On Demand app (this actually says 'no premixes found'). Please can you advise where I can find them? Thanks