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    Question regarding STS Total Body?

    Hi all, I was noticing I can not locate in the Workout Manager Drop down menu of dvds listed there is not one listed for STS Total Body. Now, did I miss that or is there a trick to know here because I could not find in dvd drop down or STS, neither option displays...
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    Nutrition Certification

    I'm a certified Personal Trainer and would like to have a nutrition certification as well. I know the basics when it comes to nutrition but would like to expand my knowledge to be able to help clients more. I've been looking at so many different nutrition certifications that are offered out...
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    Changing payment information

    Does anyone know how to update your billing method on the website for OnDemand? I logged on to my account and the mobdro kodi only things I can change are my address and password. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.
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    What kind of equipment is necessary for STS?

    Hello everyone,, I'm considering getting STS but want to know what equipment I ABSOLUTELY need to have for this series. I have a full set of dumb bells, a fully loaded barbell, regular step, high step, resistance bands and loops, gliding discs....I...
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    Nutrition and workout

    Hi Cathe, I have been training for more than 4 months now with your DVDs and I love it. I know nutrition is an important factor to consider while training seriously. I am wondering what is the best food to eat before and after a workout. I...