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    I'm looking to get a tablet/e-reader. I want to mostly use it for reading and, of course, workouts! With all the youtube workouts, and more going download, I guess it's time to give in... I'll also use it to check the web and email when out, but not the most important things. should I get...
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    turbo sts tower

    I FINALLY have a way to do half body pull ups and chin ups with a barre thing. I'm kind of excited I can finally do P90X and STS the way it was meant to be done (I know, I'm way late to the party.) I was wondering why Cathe doesn't do pullups anymore in her workouts? Are they going to be in...
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    ninja blenders

    Does anyone have one of the Ninja Blenders? from what I see there's 3 or so different ones... I watched the demo on QVC and it looks pretty good. I'm wondering how well it can blend leafy greens for smoothies since that's something they didn't show.
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    dermaneedling/derma rolling anyone?

    Does anyone here use a derma roller? If so, care to share your results (ie with wrinkles, stretchmarks, scarring, firming) and which dermaroller you use? I'm reading you have to replace it every 6 months or depending on how often you use it (and I'll have to use it all over my body), so I was...
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    and yet another system... JNL fusion

    Jennifer Nicole Lee has a system coming out called jnl fusion. I don't know much about her, so I watched some of her youtube videos, she seems like she might get a little annoying, but her workouts look pretty good. light weights with cardio seem to work well for me weightloss wise. and I...
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    bbx hardcore system

    Has anyone here tried the BBX hardcore system? It's all bodyweight workouts which appeals to me, but there isn't many clips and from what I can see it doesn't look all that intense. It's also $90 bucks with no type of "30 day guarantee" so I would like to hear more about these workouts if anyone...
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    tracy anderson - tips for following along?

    TA fans, any tips for following along with her workouts? I'm previewing her meta series and continuity and she doesn't really cue, and when she does the other side there is no cueing at all - and in continuity it just goes from one exercise to the next with no set up time. I think it would take...
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    toning sneakers

    I was wondering if anyone here uses toning sneakers? I was looking for a new pair of walking sneakers (currently carless and my feet are taken a beating with my old shoes), and the New Balance ones caught my eye because they looked cool, then I realized they were toning sneakers. Would they be...
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    leaving a bad/abusive situation

    Just wondering if any women here have had experience of needing to leave a bad situation and actually needing to go to a shelter. I'll try not to ramble... but the person I'm living with has become a non functioning alcoholic this past year. While there is no physical abuse, there is...
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    anyone do tracy anderson's workouts?

    Have any Catheites tried Tracy Anderson's workouts? I didn't have any interest in her, I'm not really into barre type workouts (they bore me)... yet of course I watch the infomercial she has now and feel myself getting suckered in. I know they are high how do they compare to something...
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    cheap kettlebells

    Does anyone have any recommendations on where to buy inexpensive kettlebells? I want to buy 2 matching ones but buying online the shipping often costs more than the actual kettlebells. and just wondering here, since weight for weight kettlebells cost more than dumbbells..are they that much...
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    art of strength

    I'm looking to invest in a couple of AoS workouts. I'm trying to decide between vol 1/2 The Kettlebell Way and Newport/Providence. or should I skip AoS and go for Lauren Brooks? for those of you who have tried them all which ones are the most challenging and offer more variety? I'm noticing...
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    mounted pullup bar

    ahh, I see the new Insanity Asylum will (probably have) pullups. I really need to get a pullup bar now :) the problem is the door in my workout room is too wide for those door bars. so I was looking for ways to maybe put one on the wall and found this...
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    p90x2 one on one

    Is anyone getting the P90X one on one workouts? From the small clips they look like they might be space hogs. it looks like there will be hanging ab work with the pullup bar also (I think p90x+ has this though), I don't have a pullup bar yet so maybe I won't be able to do this set. :( Anyone...
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    20lb weighted vest

    Does anyone have Cathe's 12-20lb weighted vest? Do you like it? Is it comfortable? Is it easy to take on and off? I'm thinking of getting it to use mainly for leg work (ChaleanX, maybe Meso 3) and maybe at 12lbs I can use it for walking but some reviews I read said it's not good to have all the...
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    building muscles like cathe's

    I know most of us would like to look like Cathe..but seriously, besides body fat %, how would a woman put on that type of muscle? I assume Cathe doesn't workout hours a day like a bodybuilder would since she has kids and is probably busy teaching classes, making new workouts for us, etc... Is...
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    any recommendations for head phones (earbuds are ok too)? Mines always seem to wear out way too quick. I got a new pair of skullcandy brand just last month and already the left side has no sound :(
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    standing ab work

    any tips for getting the most out of standing ab workouts? I'm noticing a trend.. Jackie Warner and Jillian Michaels have standing ab workouts coming out and the ab workout in Turbo Fire is mostly standing. I did the one from Turbo Fire but didn't feel much, I'm a little hesitant to use a...
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    any clips for the new workouts?

    has there been any clips posted for the new workouts? I just noticed Intensity has 2 floor cardio workouts... now I'm curious, lol. :p
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    how many calories should i be eating?

    I know this should be a simple question to answer with all the sites out there, but sometimes getting advice from the pros helps. I'm 5'9", 28 and at 190 pounds looking to get down to 150 pounds for now. I'm doing Turbo Fire, including the toning workouts that come with it, and I've been...