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    Advice on treadmill belt width.

    Thanks LanaEvans and Lisa for your advice. I will mainly be using the treadmill for walking/jogging. Running is too high impact for me these days.
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    Advice on treadmill belt width.

    To all the treadmill owners out there. I am considering purchasing a treadmill and want to know if there is an optimum belt width I should be looking for. There is such a wide variety of treadmills available with belt widths ranging from as narrow as 10 inches up to 20 inches or more. The...
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    All Standing Core + Balance

    I don't know about a whole workout but I would like a good length 15-20min bonus.
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    Do the abs and core videos work your pelvic floor.

    It would depend on whether you used correct form and correctly engaged your pelvic floor while doing the exercises. Many people don't know how to do this, they can still do abs and core workouts but probably don't get the full benefits. The best system I found for teaching pelvic floor...
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    Cathe Live Rotations?

    There are 6 Cathe Live rotations on at the bottom of the page. These are the only ones I've seen.
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    Boss Bands-Overhead Tricep ext. modification

    Thanks for the tip aqua girl. I've been struggling with that one too.:)
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    Slim and Trim, Long and Strong, & Mean and Lean DVDs

    I don't know where you can purchase the beginner Fit Tower DVDs from but if you can't find them then the 3 Advanced ones all come with premixes so you can shorten the workouts using the timesaver premixes. Where Cathe uses bands and loops she uses medium tension so you could always use light...
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    foam rollers

    Foam rolling can hurt at first especially if you have a harder roller which is another reason I like to roll my legs one at a time. I can support my weight better on my upper body and free leg and apply less pressure on the roller. Another tip if it is really painful is to roll standing up...
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    foam rollers

    I have both half size and full length foam rollers. The full length roller is good for chest expansion work where I lie on my back along the length of the roller and do snow angel type moves and circles with my arms. It is also good for rolling out quads, hamstrings and calves if you want to...
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    What to eat?

    Yes it is difficult to navigate through the latest fads and trends to determine what is healthy. The Mediterranean diet is often touted as being healthy but even this can vary between countries with different foods being included and excluded so it is becoming more difficult to tell what a true...
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    Boss Bands Total Body

    I did this one today. I don't have Cathe's bands as being in New Zealand the shipping costs were too high. I bought some bands off Amazon. I had to use my light band for the overhead tricep extensions, I couldn't get my medium band up over my head. I also had to go lighter on the bicep curls...
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    Boss Loops Glutes & Corr A+++

    Did this one yesterday. I have EnriQ loops that I purchased a couple of years ago. I found the medium loop was about right for me where Cathe used the medium. The light loop was a bit too light but I had it higher up on my thigh about where Cathe had hers. Next time I do the workout I will...
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    Back/leg pain and stiffness

    Hi KAV, you may be able to temporarily relieve the pain with stretches or foam rolling but you really need to investigate why this is occurring. There are plenty of YouTube videos on stretching and foam rolling exercises but without knowing what is actually causing the problem you risk making...
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    What is considered weight training?

    I also include both metabolic and heavy weight workouts in my training as I think both are beneficial.
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    PHA2 vs PHA3

    I like both PHA2 and PHA3. I find PHA3 especially is also a good cardio workout. Like exercise-lover the original PHA is my least favorite due to the repetition, when I do this one I tend to do the premix with only 2 repeats and then add on the Abs bonus.
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Intense Upper Body Live Workout

    Did this one yesterday. Another awesome upper body workout. Thanks Cathe!
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    band workouts

    Hi AudreyQ, there are a number of Live workouts using bands, some of them also have weights, cardio, barre, or the band or loop may be used for just a few exercises in a workout. You could check out Live #150 Bands and Bodyweight Travel Workout, #322 Fantastic Elastic, and #343 Total Body Band...
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    Nutrition and workout

    The key is to eat sensibly and ensure you are getting the right amount of nutrients for your energy level. Listen to your body. Whatever you eat before a workout you don't want it to be sitting heavy in your stomach during the workout. So you either need something light, or to wait a period...
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    Update on Cathe and CATHELIVE

    I really enjoyed Cathe's solo workouts but I also like to see the crew back again. The crew is a good mix of people with varying levels of strength and flexibility. I am not very flexible and I can't go as low in lunges and squats, nor can I do a lot of push ups on my toes, or lift as heavy as...