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    Bosu Ball

    Was thinking about purchasing a bosu ball to help with balance training and other type workouts. There are different ones from Bosu so having trouble figuring out which to use. I'm 5'2, should I get the regular size or the sport size one that is smaller? Any recommendations? Thanks.
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    Catheletes Transitioning to Mid-Life Private Group?

    If you decide you would like company, let me know. :)
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    Catheletes Transitioning to Mid-Life Private Group?

    I think it would be great, I would totally join. I am really not a FB user,just use for some exercise type groups and that is all, so I really don't know a lot about it or use it for anything other than that.
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    Catheletes Transitioning to Mid-Life Private Group?

    If a group was started, I would be interested. Some FB groups way to large
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    Fit Tower

    Anyone find out about where you can get a Fit Tower?
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    Workouts- Variety vs Weight Increase

    Interested in this rotation, is it in the guide?
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    Dvd that gave you the most noticable results

    I really enjoy Cathe's weight workouts and I know there are a lot of rotations on here. Does anyone know if there is one that just incorporates her various heavy weight workouts in a rotation all together using S&H, STS, PS,Gym Style, etc? I have been trying to look through them all, but there...
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    Fitnessfreak366 (Debbie) updated rotations

    These are great. Thanks for posting. Any using Cathe Live instead of dvds?
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    Cathe Live App

    Videos played fine. I used the settings icon and logged off, then logged backed in after force closing and the search seems to be working now. Thank you very much for you help.
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    August 2020 Rotation

    Thanks. My issue is I am too new to the Live so have no idea which ones to substitute with. Like today was pyramid and I searched and couldn't find one in the Live ones.
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    Cathe Live App

    Yes, and the same thing happened.
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    Cathe Live App

    I have the Cathe Live App on my IPAD and when I try and use the search function to find a workout, I get a message to please purchase your monthly subscription from settings. When I go to settings I have signed in. My subscription is not through Itunes, but Cathe. Any ideas or help?
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    August 2020 Rotation

    Is there a list anywhere that would show a substitution for the workout listed with a Cathe Live one?
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    Calling all 60 year old and older Cathletes

    Lannette - which weight loss rotation of Cathe's did you make into a template. I have been interested in doing this so I can switch and choose which workouts I wanted, but just couldn't find a good template.
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    Thanks for responding
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    Last try to see if anyone responds.
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    Boxing Gloves

    What size boxing gloves does Cathe use in her live and dvds? 12 or 14 ounces?
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    Does Cathe have a rotation that incorporates boxing and strength using different dvds?