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  1. Tahitia

    Lack of definition does not equal Lack of Strength

    I have on many occasions sabotaged my own progress simply because I did not see a particular result when I looked in the mirror. For example, I was clearly looking inches evident by dropping 2 sizes in my clothes. However, although I clearly know that muscle weighs more than fat, the fact that...
  2. Tahitia

    Log Book

    All the Exercise Log Books I've found are catered toward weight training and running. It would be great to be able to purchase one that's catered toward Cardio, emphasis on DVD routines and not just running. I envision being able to log the DVD used, premix selected, duration, weights used, and...
  3. Tahitia

    Premixes in WB

    I love the WB, most particularly being able to put together a routine that suits my taste. However, I noticed that the premixes offered on the DVDs are not available in the WB. Why? Even if it couldn't be altered, I would still love to have access to them because you guys put together routines...
  4. Tahitia

    Jillian Michaels Body Revelution

    If anyone has this set, please give me your opinion. I will be done with the STS program by Cathe and looking to add something new, yet progressively challenging to my collection. The YouTube videos on this series is mostly either from the first DVD or just a brief overview of the entire...
  5. Tahitia

    Turbo Tower

    Hello SNM or Cathe, Any new updates as to the status of when it will become available again and its new design/features? Thanks!
  6. Tahitia

    2013 Calendar question?

    I'm still new to Cathe. I'm interested in the new calendar, but the description just states that it helps you keep track of your workouts. Could someone please elaborate as the contents/format of the calendar. Is it just a normal wall calendar with pictures and a box for each date or does it...
  7. Tahitia

    I thought the pre-sale price was half off...

    ...of what the original price would be when the pre-sale ended. Yet I paid $89 (9 DVDs w/o ride) and the current price is $98. I'm wrong about some things, but $89 is not half of $98. :( This is my first pre-sale purchase and the adverstisement said (and still says) that the pre-sale price is...
  8. Tahitia

    Hating hard, but loving the results!

    I've always enjoyed exercising and always sought routines that were challenging. However, there was a 5 year spand where exercising got away from me. An unplanned and unexpected opportunity came my way that allowed me to become an entreprenuer. I worked varied hours, including evenings and...
  9. Tahitia

    Is August 21st the end date?

    I read in a post from a Cathelete in the UK that in a recent newsletter that the XTRAIN's pre-sale date ends August 21st. Is this true? I couldn't find the newsletter referenced and was wondering, if it's true, is it just for customers in the UK, although I can't figure out why where a Cathelete...
  10. Tahitia

    XTRAIN Mix & Match feature

    If you are going to have a mix and match feature, is it possible to make this option so that as each pre-selected routine is completed it will automatically go to the next pre-selected routine without having to pause, manually go back to the menue, and pick the next desired routine? :D In other...
  11. Tahitia

    STS Workout Book and Fitness Log Book

    It would be great if you offered an STS Workout Book, an option for either the 3.5 month routine or 6.5 month routine, having the 1RM tests and Workout Cards in it as is found in the Workout Manager. I personally prefer to maintain books rather than several pieces of paper tracking my progress...
  12. Tahitia

    What is tabata drills?

    I read that its in the XTRAIN routine, but I have no idea what it is. :confused: Thanks. Tahitia
  13. Tahitia

    Slow & Heavy DVD Question

    If I'm understanding it correctly, this DVD is broken down into 3 main routines: Legs & Shoulders; Chest & Back; and Triceps & Biceps. First question, it appears that each routine, in its entirety, is approximately 50 mins to 1 hour. Is this correct? Second question, if this is correct, could I...
  14. Tahitia

    Intensity vs HiiT

    I originally posted this question in the Open Discussion section, but typed Insanity by mistake. I'm trying to determine whether purchase the Intensity workout since it has the HiiT moves in it or just the HiiT or both. Has anyone done both? If so, which one is better? Thanks.
  15. Tahitia

    Insanity vs HiiT

    If anyone has done both these workouts, would you please share with me if both are needed or if one is better than the other? I'm trying to figure out, since Insanity has the HiiT workout in it, whether I should just go with the Intensity. Thanks.