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  1. Kelly Pierce

    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    I'm officially registered for Glassboro!!! Yipee!!! No ticket number but received a confirmation email from Nancy at customer service (she is awesome) and all of my issues are resolved. But most importantly, I'm in!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see everyone :) Hotel booked and I'm good to go YAY!!!
  2. Kelly Pierce

    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    @Cammie-cam Thanks for making me feel better. I went to the help desk and asked for assistance with the extra charges and inquired as to whether I was in or not. I am so hoping I'm in. This is my first experience with contacting customer service. Is the help desk the correct option or do I...
  3. Kelly Pierce

    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    I'm hoping I am in. I am concerned because I didn't receive a ticket number or email and now my husband's credit card account shows 3 pending 100 dollar charges. I had some trouble getting my card to work, then switched to his card, then the site froze. Should I email customer service...
  4. Kelly Pierce

    January 2012 DOUBLE ROTATION

    Awesome Cathe!!! I can't wait to get started!! Looks amazing...
  5. Kelly Pierce

    Nov 2011 STS & Low Impact Series Combined

    Awesome Cathe!!!!!!!!!!! I am just finishing an undulating rotation of STS, but didn't want to give up my old fav for my new fav. I can't wait to do them together! This is the best of the best!!! {{{hug}}}
  6. Kelly Pierce

    Can't Get STS Workouts to Show Up?

    I am having the same problem with my STS workouts. The date keeps getting larger like there are invisible icons added but nothing is recorded. I hope help arrives soon please!!
  7. Kelly Pierce


    OMG... I just saw this post!!!! YAY!!!
  8. Kelly Pierce

    How to get to purchased Cathe video on computer

    use your download folder not itunes When you download the workouts from Cathe's site you should be saving them somewhere.... I save mine in a folder on my desktop. Then after you download, you drag them over to itunes. Find that folder.. and use the workout files in the folder to import your...
  9. Kelly Pierce

    paper plates on puzzel mats

    I use the extra large furniture mover discs that I found at Walmart. They are gray with a foam cushion on the top and slippery plastic on the bottom. I bought the ones that are a large oval shape. They have worked great for me and I have completed 6 rotations of STS. Hope you find something...
  10. Kelly Pierce

    Happy Birthday Cathe!!!!

    Happy Birthday Cathe!! Have a very Happy Birthday Cathe! Thank you for all that you do to inspire and motivate all of us. You deserve a very special day!
  11. Kelly Pierce

    Friday gym activities?

    Hi Debbie!!! I would love to be able to work out on Friday morning. I am coming in on Thursday night too. Thank you! I would love to know if that is an option.
  12. Kelly Pierce

    Glassboro RT outline is coming

    Even more amazing than expected... I cannot wait to become an official roadtripper!
  13. Kelly Pierce

    Just stopping in to say HELLO

    Hi Cathe! I can't wait to meet you... I am looking forward to having a "blast"! sooo excited!!!
  14. Kelly Pierce

    All Files have now been Updated

    I hadn't tried to sync to my ipod touch yet but I am seeing that I have an error on each file in my itunes library. Should I delete the original downloads and then re-download the new files? And do I go to my original link to do that? Sorry if this has been asked already. Thanks!!!!!!!
  15. Kelly Pierce


    Hi Cathe!!! This will be my first (of many I hope) RT. I am so excited to meet you and the rest of the Cathe crew. I am also a vegetarian (high fives to Barbara P :) so I was also wondering if I should bring food with me. Is it July yet?????
  16. Kelly Pierce

    So, who's in?

    oooh... I am coming early also. How do you get in on that Friday morning class?
  17. Kelly Pierce

    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other

    Ok.. I'll go next.. A Photo (attachment on this forum -so cool!) My avatar is not me. LOL ..But I am getting closer to that goal.. Thanks to Cathe! I will try to post a pic ASAP Name / Forum Name: Kelly Pierce / Kelly Pierce (OK, not so creative with nicknames :) Email Address / FB...
  18. Kelly Pierce

    Official Hotels

    I called Marriott central reservations and reserved my room at the Fairfield. They confirmed with the Cathe Road Trip price so I hope I am okay. There was no mention of being filled or even close. I can't even think straight today. I am so happy and excited. I feel so lucky to have made it in..
  19. Kelly Pierce

    So, who's in?

    I am #43... I was so excited that I cried. I was so nervous that I wouldn't make it. This is my first every RT and I can't believe it!
  20. Kelly Pierce

    Question about leg training using STS and Shock Cardio..

    In thinking more about it...I should already know what you think.. I should choose either plyo or squat rack legs and do the rotation as you have it written... Anything else that I do is not what you recommend or you would have already suggested it to all of us.. Sorry for the question..... :)