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  1. Sissy1983

    Burn sets

    Omg!! I did chest shoulders and back along with chest burn sets tonight...all I have to say is, yeowzza!!! Gonna feel that tomorrow!
  2. Sissy1983

    Weight program to take to the gym

    I have sts and xtrain, but I am looking for a weight program that I can download to my phone that i can use at the gym. So minimal equipment and easy to follow without watching. I do this with sts and I love it! Any suggestions?? I was debating gym styles or slow and heavy?
  3. Sissy1983

    xtrain and STS rotation

    I bought xtrain to mix it up with my STS rotations. I love STS so much and I have gotten such great results from it. I really like the heavy lifting in STS and Xtrain isnt about so much lifting but working the accessory muscles that help you lift those heavy weights. It would be great if someone...
  4. Sissy1983

    Holy SNOW!

    Just when we thought this year was going to be a dud like last year, HERE IT IS!! We have about 2 feet in western MA! How about anywhere else??
  5. Sissy1983

    Xtrain 30 day strength

    Anyone doing this rotation??
  6. Sissy1983

    Anyone coming from MA or CT??

    I am thinking of taking the Amtrak, but would be interested in carpooling if possible. I am from western mass (not Boston) let me know! Melissa
  7. Sissy1983

    Leangains diet

    Hi Cathe, Have you ever heard of this diet? It consists of mostly fasting for 14 hours through the night and in to the late morning? I was just wondering if anyone could share any insight.... Thanks! Melissa
  8. Sissy1983


    Anyone use this?? I have been pondering the idea of starting to use it with the sts program for more results, just wanted to hear some feedback. Thanks!
  9. Sissy1983

    Sports nutritionist??

    I want to talk to someone who can help me with a diet for leaning out specific to me. What foods are good and not so good. There is so much info out there it can get confusing. Where is a good place to look for someone like this?? Any suggestions?
  10. Sissy1983

    Need some advice on divorce

    I am looking for some insight from you ladies that have been through a divorce. I want to end it on a amicable way but I don't see it going that way. I have contacted a couple lawyers waiting for a call back. What are the steps? We have 2 young kids who we are going to need a custody agreement...
  11. Sissy1983

    How much protein??

    I read conflicting info on how much protein you should be consuming to build lean muscle. I thought it was 1 gm per kg of body weight but other places I have read that that is too much. Thoughts???
  12. Sissy1983

    Started sts today

    I started my first disc of sts today! Wish me luck! I can tell I am going to have DOMS in the am already!! No pain no gain right?!!!
  13. Sissy1983

    bpm in intensity music

    anyone know the BPM? i am a fitness instructor i was thinking of downloading it but it would be great to know the BPM are. thanks melissa
  14. Sissy1983

    1 rep max

    I am going to start sts and wanted to know how people figured out there 1 rep max. With all the exercises how long/many do you do in a workout. I just didn't know which exercises you put together. There is no way you can do all of them in a few workouts. I am pretty clueless about the system so...
  15. Sissy1983

    personal trainer vrs STS system

    So I am contemplating hiring a personal trainer to help me get the results i am looking for. I want to add significantly muscle mass and lose some fat. I am looking for personal opinions esp those of you that have the STS system. I usually go to the gym so My thoughts are purchasing a system...
  16. Sissy1983


    I am curious I anyone has put them on their iPod and have takenthem to the gym?? I just don't have all the weights at home. Thx!
  17. Sissy1983

    Pre and post work out protein??

    I have been reading a lot that pre and post work out proteins are needed in aiding in muscle recovery and adding to fat loss with out losing muscle mass. Whats are good examples besides protein shakes? And what is a good protein powder to buy??
  18. Sissy1983

    Core excercises

    What is your favorite core exercise?
  19. Sissy1983

    New rules for weighr lifting for woman

    Has anybody read this? Thoughts? Is it worth the purchase?
  20. Sissy1983

    Cathe workout music

    Alright! I have been looking everywhere! Does anyone know where I can find the low impact step soundtrack?? I have seen posts stating it's somewhere I am dying to know.