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  1. nspire

    2020 Rotation

    Has this month's rotation been posted? I'm looking at Cathe on Demand but, I don't see it.
  2. nspire


    How can I minimize the buffering on my laptop when streaming Cathe on Demand? I'm out of town and I was trying to watch one of the workouts, but it keeps buffering several times during the workout. Suggestions please!
  3. nspire

    OnDemand & Monthly Rotations

    How do I download the monthly rotations onto my Cathe OnDemand on my Roku?
  4. nspire

    Help!!! Can't find the Cathe App on my Roku TV!!

    Help, I need assistance. I ordered the Cathe Live & OnDemand, but can't find the app on my TV. Will I need to purchase a ROKU stick in order to get OnDemand and Cathe Live?
  5. nspire

    Any suggestions on puzzle mats?

    Hi Ladies, I'm in the process of turning my garage into a home gym and was wondering if any of you had any ideas on where I can purchase heavy duty puzzle mats. I bought some from I think Big Lots, but they slide over the floor, I need something a bit more sturdier. Suggestions please Dana
  6. nspire

    Eating Right for Your Body Type

    I'm a pear shape and was wondering the percentage of carbs vs protein vs fat should I be eating. I'm a 45 y/o female, 5'7 and 150lbs. Looking to lose that same ole 10 lbs that wont seem to come off. I workout 5-6 dys a week however, I tend to think I eat pretty well, I try to stay clear of...
  7. nspire

    Have you seen Tyra Banks?

    I'm not a huge fan of Tyra Banks, but have you seen her lately? She looks like she dropped some weight. Not that she didn't look good before, but she looks good. Does anyone have any idea how she did it?
  8. nspire

    Working out sent me to the emergency room

    I had the most scariest thing happen to me yesterday. Yesterday morning I did Leg/Glutes and P90x kickbox video. I felt a little short of breath but thought nothing of it because I've been having these episodes for a few years now and it just seems to go away. I'd gone to the doctor a few...
  9. nspire

    So Frustrated!!

    I can't believe it!! I'm leaving work today and see co-worker/friend who I see maybe one to two weekends out of the month and she's dropped 10 lbs within a matter of a few weeks. Here I am working out 5-6 dys a week for an can't drop a pound and she's down 10lbs w/o even lifting so much as a...
  10. nspire

    Question for Kariev

    I saw the infomercial on Food Lover's Diet, did you find out any information on the plan? I saw it last night and it looks interesting.
  11. nspire

    Restaurant Nutritional Value Required

    I never knew you could request the nutritional value in the foods you order at a restaurant. My boyfriend loves to eat out and so do I, I have to admit, but it's hard when your trying to stay on track with your eating. Anyway, this week at work we took one of our co-worker's out to lunch...
  12. nspire

    Iron Supplement

    I went for a physical and everything came back good, but I was anemic and iron supplements were reccommended. Is anyone taking iron and if so, what's up with bowel movement color? Sorry if it's TMI.
  13. nspire

    What other fitness sites do you visit?

    I was wondering if there were other fitness sites as good as Cathe's? If so, which ones do you visit?
  14. nspire

    Calorie Counting Site

    Can anyone recommend a good calorie counting site. I tried fitness pal but am not that impressed.
  15. nspire

    Pre-Workout Meal aside from protein shake

    Does anyone have any good suggestions for pre-workout meals aside from protein shakes? I have nothing against protein shakes, I just want something in it's more natural state.
  16. nspire

    Has anyone heard from One Buff Mom Lately?

    I was reading through the success stories and read the 12week meltdown by One Buff Mom. She looks great!! Where is she now?
  17. nspire

    At what age do babies get teeth?

    My granddaughter will be 1 year old tomorrow, and there's not a tooth in sight. Is this normal? I have co-workers who were pregnant the same time as my daughter and their babies have four or more teeth, I was just hoping nothing is wrong. She's gone through the motions of teething, however...
  18. nspire

    How to wean GD off baby formula

    We're in the process of weaning my granddaughter off baby formula. What milk if any do you mother's recommend? I want to raise her to eat properly, and am wondering if I should give her regular milk. I don't even drink milk. I'll use Silk in my protein drinks sometimes, but am wondering what...
  19. nspire

    What is the 5-Factor Diet?

    Does anyone know what the 5-Factor diet consists of?
  20. nspire

    Is there no March rotation

    Have the monthly rotations stopped?