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  1. Ronne

    Who cares? July

    Hi all Here we are halfway through the year already! I may not remember much of what was posted so apologies if I miss you out! Tracy - the wine tasting sounds good. And well done on the June rotation. Hope you've still got a job! Mary - U2?!! Lucky DH! Very envious. Did he get to meet them...
  2. Ronne

    Who Cares? March Madness

    Hello It's a new month! Started off with yoga of course. A mega 1hr 45 min class - it actually went by pretty quickly. Got my class tonight. Handing in my first (short) essay. Chucking it down and cold here.
  3. Ronne

    Who Cares? Feb 2017

    Hello everyone I remembered it's the first of the month. Very pleased with myself. Jody - had a great time last night. My face was hurting by the end! I never want to do a stopover when I'm doing a long flight, I just want to get where I'm going but that's just me. Lisa - that sounds...
  4. Ronne

    It's December!! Who cares? I do!

    Hi everyone Pleased I managed to remember the new month. Lisa - it sounds like you're making excellent progress with your foot. Just for you I did MM biceps today. It is quite challenging but I did use 12lbs sometimes when Cathe was on 10lbs. I added MM shoulders and B&G stab ball abs...
  5. Ronne

    November Fog: Who Cares?!

    Hi everyone I already posted this at the end of the October thread but then realised it's November, so here we are! Yesterday just got away from me. Work is really busy ... I've started a rotation! I'm doing the Xtrain/ICE rotation. Started on Sunday with RSM Kickbox, then yesterday was Xtrain...
  6. Ronne

    October Sunshine: Who cares?!

    Hello Lisa - thanks for pointing out we're in October. I never thought! You've got a good combo with dog walking/cycling at the same time! No workout for me today. Met a friend for coffee instead! The sun is shining again so I'm going with that for the title this month.
  7. Ronne

    Who cares? Enjoying June 2016

    Hi everyone It's another new month!! Where is this year going? Had a great day out with DD yesterday. We went to a gallery, then lunch, then shopping in markets in the afternoon. Managed to spend not too much money. CRF premix done today. Felt good.
  8. Ronne

    Who Cares? Springing into April

    Hi everyone I didn't see a new thread so thought I'd get us started. It sounds like everyone's been busy with other stuff. Lisa - that's fab news about your foot/ankle. A little Easter miracle! We've been away on holiday for a week. Had a great time. Lots of fresh air, food and relaxation...
  9. Ronne

    Who Cares? Freaky February 2016

    Hello all Thought I'd get us started with a new month. This means that I've forgotten all the last posts of course! Had a nice weekend. Took DD to the theatre in London on Saturday night to see a dance show showcasing lots of different styles: ballet, contemporary, street, tango etc. It was...
  10. Ronne

    40s++ September: listening to our bodies

    Hi Just realised it's a new month, so I've cut and pasted today's reply here! Hi everyone Mary - sounds like you had a packed, fun weekend. Hope work isn't too much of a shock for you! Lisa - that book doesn't really sound like my kind of thing ... Don't forget rest is good! Jody - no I...
  11. Ronne

    40s+ Enjoying the sun in July

    Hi It's another new month! Lisa - does your DH work on contract? Is that why he's at home at the moment? Did RWH LI, a mix of 1 & 2 premix. It was fun, I was drenched in sweat at the end. It's above 30 here today. I'm wearing shorts for the first time this summer. And I've got the fan going...
  12. Ronne

    40s+ June - Where's the sun?

    Hi everyone It's a new month and I thought I might provoke better weather with our title! Got a few workouts in over the weekend, did some yoga on Saturday, then RWH CST (I'm a bit sore today ;)) and KCM Stepboxing premix today. Had a neighbour over for dinner on Saturday which was nice. Then...
  13. Ronne

    Love this video!

    Not sure whether anyone on here has seen this (probably some of the Brits at least). This is a campaign that has been run on TV and at cinemas recently. I think it's so inspiring!
  14. Ronne

    40s+ Marvellous March

    Hi everyone Welcome to March! Spring is on the way, we hope! Mary - hope your shoulder is feeling better. Lisa - hope the snow doesn't hang around. Hi Roxie, Murphy and Jody if you're around. Did you see KCM is filming again, at the end of this month? Sounds interesting. Did LI1 on Sat...
  15. Ronne

    40s + February: Fitter than ever!

    Hi everyone Welcome to February! Weekend was quiet as expected. I got some yoga in on Saturday, the demanding kind as opposed to relaxing. Today was PS Legs. I've decided to pull that series out this week. Apologies for lack of personals but with starting this off I've completely forgotten...
  16. Ronne

    Fitter 40s Jumping into January

    Hi everyone Ooh, I get to start the New Year thread! Happy New Year to you all. Lisa - it doesn't sound like it's got off to a great start for you. Hope you're feeling better soon. Mary - sounds like you've been busy and having fun. Hi to Jody, Murphy and Roxie. I've managed a couple of...
  17. Ronne

    Cathe fans in the UK

    My RWH DVDs arrived yesterday! That is the quickest they've ever come. I didn't really think they'd be here before Christmas. Anyone else get theirs yet?
  18. Ronne

    40s + October: Nice to Meet You!

    Hi all So, there we have it - our new title! :) Hope you like the month title in honour of Lisa and Jody. Lisa - X77, holy cow?! That is amazing. I can't imagine I will ever attempt that as I find one segment enough. Murphy - I'm not planning to follow a rotation this month, just going to do...
  19. Ronne

    40s Amazing August!

    Hello Well, you obviously need me around to remind you of the date. It's August, you chumps (or pillocks), whichever you prefer :). Had a nice couple of days away with parents and DD. Went to a place called Ironbridge, a small village but also birthplace of Industrial Revolution with loads of...
  20. Ronne

    40s Mayday!!

    Hello Thought I'd kick off the new month for us all. Jody - woo and a massive hoo for you! (God, I'm a poet!) I really hope you're going to give yourself some time off and celebrate your fantastic achievements! Well done! :D Lisa - No, I haven't seen that equipment before. You could pay for...