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  1. jenb69_1999

    spinbike tutorial for cyclemax DVD

    Hi Cathe, I was wondering if you could include a short chapter in the CycleMax DVD that goes over proper positioning and form on a spin bike (similar to what you did at the beginning of KPC). Since I am new to spinning, this would help alot.
  2. jenb69_1999

    nordic track spin bike 399.00

    Hi, I just thought I would let you know that Nordic Track has a spin bike currently priced at 399.00 and comes with free shipping (which is good because it weighs 113 lbs). I thought this was a good price based on some of the others I looked at. I ordered one and will let you know what I...
  3. jenb69_1999

    calf raises 1rm will not save

    Hi, I am in mesocycle 2 and have not been able to get a 1rm for the calf raises (ex 258) to stick in my workout card. I access the card through the calendar. When I go to recalculate the 1rm, I put in 15 lbs and click save. It immediately goes back to 0. Thanks! Jennifer
  4. jenb69_1999

    STS and TDEE calculation

    Hi, When you use the workout manager, you have to input your activity level to obtain a TDEE calculation. When doing STS (or any of Cathe's rotations) do you consider yourself moderately active or very active? I am curious to hear your opinions....
  5. jenb69_1999

    video window will not close

    Hi, I access the STS workout card through the calendar (clicking on "edit workout"). If I click on the video link to watch the exercise, it will not close when I am done. The box stays white and everything else goes dark. I am not sure if this problem has already been reported. Thanks...
  6. jenb69_1999

    Would love a rotation focusing on improving posture

    Hi Cathe, Since Spring, I have become quite a Cathlete and have seen great improvements in my energy and strength. So, thank you!:) I have had poor posture for a very long time (I am 40). I think it started when I very young and got worse when I developed large breasts and tried to "hide...