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  1. Kelly Pierce

    Question about leg training using STS and Shock Cardio..

    Cathe, I hope it is okay to post my question in the "ask Cathe" forum since you are here today, even though my question concerns STS and Shock Cardio... Here it is: I am in Meso 3 of my third 3 1/2 month rotation of STS. I modified this last Meso to include the Shock Cardio as it is...
  2. Kelly Pierce

    Does anyone have the 2009 calendar (or previous years) they will be letting go?

    Hi fellow Cathletes, Will anyone be letting go of their 2009 Cathe calendar (or any prior year?) I know it is a long shot.... I was just wondering, as I would love to see previous year calendars and read the trivia and information about Cathe and the crew. I just received my 2010 calendar and...
  3. Kelly Pierce

    If I purchase downloads on 12/25 will I still receive the discount?

    Just wanted to be clear with the expiration of the Grand Opening quantity deal on downloads. I asked my husband for an ipod and Cathe downloads for Christmas. I anticipate this gift as I didn't really ask for anything else. If I purchase my downloads on Christmas day, will I still receive the...
  4. Kelly Pierce

    Meso 2 Week 1 ...two questions ??

    Hi Cathe.... STS is all I had expected and more... Meso 2 is as awesome as Meso 1 I look forward to every workout. However I have two questions because I want to make sure I get the most out of each program. First, I have done many seated rear delt flys with you in other programs...