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  1. deanie


    Good Morning Chickas!!! Workout done for the day :) I had to do my heavy day today, since DS13 has baseball at 8:30am tomorrow and DS10 has soccer at 12:30pm. No time to squeeze an hour long workout in tomorrow morning, and I know after sitting in the sun all morning I am not going to feel like...
  2. deanie

    ---<~: Kettlebells :~>---

    Good Morning!! I am loving the working out when the kids are at school in the morning!!!!:D:D:D Snatch practice today. Check out the blog :cool: MARCY!!!!! Hi chicka! missed you! glad to hear all is well:):):):) and I look forward to you joining us again!:):):):) Jane: Your books sound good...
  3. deanie

    KETTLEBELLIN' on a Tuesday

    Good Morning Chickas!! Workout done and posted! :) I think I still have work to do on the long clean. I woke up this morning and my biceps were sore. I'm pretty sure that means I was using my arms to much in the clean. Gayle::: How was day one of ROP????:):) I hope everyone has a great day...
  4. deanie

    kettlebell. monday.

    Good Morning!! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!:):) Jane::: How was the race? workout posted on my blog. Still not sure what to do. I have been doing the c&p from the floor (dead) for my ladders. Now that I am doing the long clean, I am having a hard time with my 3rd press (mostly on the...
  5. deanie

    kettlebells. 5.13

    Good Morning! I worked out this morning, but not sure I should have done the presses again. I had just done the other yesterday at noon, not even 24 hours had passed yet. I did hit a pr on the cashout, but still not happy with it ;):p:rolleyes: I have book fair and baseball tonight, and there...
  6. deanie

    xoxo kettlebell x tuesday oxox

    Good Morning! Today's workout went well, except I was tired and had a hard time getting started. Another busy day today, no time to workout after work. Tomorrow will be worse, I'm going to have to do my 5X4 in the morning!!:eek::eek: I seriously hope I can get up in time! This seems like the...
  7. deanie

    kettlebell. monday.

    Good Morning Just starting us off. I am going to try to workout after work this week for my weight days. We'll see how it goes. So today I will be working out at 2pm-ish:confused: I hope everyone had a nice weekend; and a happy mothers day!! later:cool:
  8. deanie

    Rockin' Kettlebell Weekend

    Good Afternoon:D:D:D:D I totally ROCKED my workout today:D:D:D I worked out after DS10's soccer game, which they won!!:) (just remembered the link is in my signature, so I probably didn't need to do that!:o) LOL **hee hee** Really great workout, So much...
  9. deanie

    TGI --- kettlebell --- friday ->

    Good Morning! Just getting us started!:) Melissa ~ you really inspired me to get my rear in gear and see an RKC! I am going to try and call one today. So are you going to start ETK over? No workout for me today. I'm taking a rest day. Tomorrow is my heavy day, but I'm not sure when I'm...
  10. deanie

    kEtTlEbElL tHuRsDaY

    Good Morning!! Melissa::: I am so excited for you and your training with the RKC today!!!! Tell us EVERYTHING!!!:):):) Todays workout was okay: I definitely should have used a lighter bell! What was I thinking??? Great abs article:
  11. deanie

    ketTLEbell wedNESday

    Good Morning! Todays workout was not what I planned. I wanted to take it slow and easy, but I woke up late, got started late, DS13 had to wake up early to do homework he "forgot" to do last night (remembered at bedtime!) and I really felt the time constraints. The first 3 ladders went well...
  12. deanie

    xXxX Kettlebell x Tuesday XxXx

    Good Morning! todays workout: I've been doing a lot of ETK research on the DD forum lately. I usually try to shorten my rests between ladders, but according to the forum if you want to build strength you shouldn't do that. So yesterday I made myself wait a...
  13. deanie

    oOoO Monday Kettlebells oOoO

    Good Morning Gayle::: PICTURES!!! We want pictures :):):) Are you starting RoP today, or continuing the pm? I hope everyone had a great weekend. I am going to try to incorporate the suggestions from DD into my training. Half of me wanted to start the pm over again with heavier weights, but...
  14. deanie


    Good Morning gals Jane: I hope your race went well today! DS10 had soccer this morning, he ROCKED the goalie position!!! I was surprised and proud!!! I knew he was good, but didn't realize how good! He stopped every attempt at a goal!! (4) in the quarter!! today was a test day for me. I was...
  15. deanie

    xoxo kettlebell thursday xoxo

    Good Morning Today's fun workout: Melissa::: Jordan is Awesome!! I love him! And if you don't own his Corrections dvd you should look into it. Really great info and instruction! I totally agree, anything he says is golden!! I would possibly be...
  16. deanie

    ketTLEbell wedNESday

    Good Morning! Just getting the party started :) I slept in today, will do my last 5X4 c&p's this afternoon after work. later gators:cool:
  17. deanie

    kkkkettlebell ttttuesday

    Good Morning!! today's workout: Melissa:: My kids do not eat 100% like me- maybe 60%.?. I do push the fruits and veggies, and they do eat those, but we also have "crap" in the house. I think for kids its important to teach good eating habits (which I do)...
  18. deanie

    i!i! kettlebell monday !i!i

    Good Morning I hope everyone had a great weekend! Jane: Sorry your massage was rained out. Glad you had a good time in and for your race!! today's workout: Have a great monday everyone! bbl :cool:
  19. deanie

    T.G.I.!! .K.e.t.t.l.e.b.e.l.l.s.!!!!!

    Good Morning! Just getting the party started! I will be working out at noon - see you all later!:) Jane::: the after race stuff sounds fun! Have a great race! later gators:cool:
  20. deanie

    kettlebell. tuesday. check in.

    Good Morning I am running SO late!!!!!!:eek::eek::eek::eek: here is todays workout bbl! arg so totally didn't realize the time!:eek: