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  1. CynamonKis

    STS STS 3.5 Mo.-Is Anyone Else Doing This?

    Hi All: I just started this for the 1st time Sunday 3/24, and let me say, it did not disappoint! I just finished Disk 2, and REALLY feeling it! Now, I have had STS and all the equipment, including the pull up tower, for quite some time, but have been intimidated by it, didn't think I could...
  2. CynamonKis

    Adding Recovery Week to Calendar Workout Manager

    Hi Cathe-can you or one of your assistants advise how I can add a recovery week to my calendar? I downloaded the STS Undulating Workout to my calendar and I'd like to add recovery weeks. Thanks.
  3. CynamonKis

    Cathe-Will you be starting another STS Rotation in January, 2011?

    Hi Cathe: I am in the midst of planning my workouts and am wondering if you will be starting another STS Rotation in January? Thanks
  4. CynamonKis

    Getting Off the STS Train...For Now

    Hi: I decided to stop STS for now, in favor of a shorter workout. For now, I like 3 premixes on Cathe's 4-Day Split CD (Legs, Backs/Bi's, Chest, Shoulder, Tri's), each of which are less than 35 min. per workout. Why? A shorter weight training period works better with my hectic schedule and...
  5. CynamonKis

    Traveling with STS

    Hi: Can you provide suggestions for traveling with STS? I will be out of town 2/20-2/22, and will be on a vacation and cruise 3/6-3/15. I was planning to bring my DVD's with me. The DVD's may not be practical on the cruise, so as a back-up I was going to simply print out my workout...
  6. CynamonKis

    1 RM Test: Must I do the 1-2 Star Tests?

    Hi: I would like to begin Meso 1 next Sunday 2/8. To do that, I will only be able to get through the 3, 4 & 5-star 1 rep max. tests. Do you recommend that I complete ALL the tests? What would happen if I just did the 3-5 star 1 rep max tests? ALSO how do I find instructions on some...
  7. CynamonKis

    Power Tower - Available Yet?

    Hi how do I obtain the Power Tower?
  8. CynamonKis

    THANK YOU CATHE-It was REALLY Worth the Wait!

    I just received my STS delivery. I am SO EXCITED, AND THANKFUL that I got this at-home bodybuilding program at a substantial discount. I added up what it costs on Collage, 3 sets of DVD's plus the Ab Circuits total 407.85 at I only paid 239.97 via pre-ordering. Also...
  9. CynamonKis

    How to Purchase STS Tower

    Hi: Where do I go to purchase the Tower as I have not seen it on Thanks.
  10. CynamonKis

    For Cathe-Oblique Exercise on Butts and Guts

    Hi Cathe: I had quite a hard time setting myself up on the ball to do the oblique exercise w/band that is done on this video. I have a difficult time balancing myself on the ball, I keep slipping. Had the same problem doing the oblique ball workout on CoreMax. Any suggestions on how to set...