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  1. shobbsie

    Gain in muscle/loss of fat

    I just turned 55 this past summer and have lost 60 pounds (under my doctors close supervision as I was starting to have high BP). I didn't think I'd ever be able to do Cathe again; in fact, I developed quite the attitude thinking that her workouts were just too advanced or crazy for someone my...
  2. shobbsie

    I love these shoes!!

    I don't remember who recommended Freddy shoes, but I took a chance and I love them!! However, I noticed that when I ordered them they were on closeout. Does anyone else carry them? If not I will probably order another pair for later on. I'll wait and see how my knees and feet feel tomorrow...
  3. shobbsie


    The dynaband in HC looks long. I could only find 3' and 4' online. I thought I read somewhere on here it was 6'. Where did you all find one that long? I was trying to estimate last night previewing Muscle Max, it did look longer than 4'. Thanks Sharron
  4. shobbsie

    Thank You Cathe!!

    I attended a step workshop from you when I was an instructor in the early 90's. I remember you pushed us hard and I was so impressed by your professionalism and skill. I wish I could find the handouts from that workshop. I remember pouring over those and how much it improved my step classes...
  5. shobbsie

    Sub DVD's for January Rotation

    What would you suggest as subs for the following DVD's? I'm following the January rotation. Step fit Body Max MIS I have the BB & Intensity Series, HSC,BF,BS Rhythmic step, MIC, IMAX 1, Cardio Kicks and Circuit Max and the CTX series. I've spent so much money on DVD's the last couple...
  6. shobbsie

    stress and workouts??

    HELP!! I'm following the January rotation and I'm dying. After PLB, then IMAX1, I can barely walk. I can't even think of BC today!! I'm having trouble walking up stairs todayx( I'm under a lot of stress currently. My sons reserve unit is being deployed to Iraq( he left Saturday but is...
  7. shobbsie

    What Equipment do I need?

    You all are so wonderful here and encouraged me to enter the land of Cathe:o Now my next question- I have a stability ball, step, the high step should be here Tuesday and various free weights. I notice that suggested equipment in some of the DVD's is a Barbell, medicine ball, gloves...
  8. shobbsie

    Am I ready?

    This is my first time posting here! I've been doing The Firm workouts for around 6 months, however, I'm hitting a plateau :( I've lost 60 pounds, but have 15 more to go. I think I need to bump up my inensity. I purchased Basic Step/Body Fusion and love it. It doesn't seem too hard but...