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  1. Jenn K

    Cathe Helping to Keep My Classroom Fit During Social Distancing

    I have been working out with Cathe for the better part of 15 years. Step and weights are my favorites, but I do them all modifying to low impact as needed. Cathe has inspired me to make fitness a life-long pursuit, even as I have recently had a few set backs. But this is not a story about me...
  2. Jenn K

    POW3R UP - Total Body Conditioning series

    POW3R ↻P Multi-leveled total body conditioning series consisting of: steady state cardio, HiiT, flexibility, balance, and strength training. Each workout consists of three 10-15 minute segments. Do one segment when you are pressed for time or level up and do all three. POW3R STR3NGTH...
  3. Jenn K

    Loved Step Choreography Express with blasts - more please!

    The step express with blasts aired 10/30/14 was super FUN!!! I had to modify for low impact on some moves as I am nursing an injury, but overall was able to keep up very well. I would definitely love to see more Live classes like this :)