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  1. MelanieC

    Any Canadians ordering?

    Anyone else living in Canada who is surprised by the new duties added to orders? Shipping may be free on orders over $50, but now we have to pay $50 in duties. I’m a little disappointed as I’ve never had to pay duties on my Cathe orders.
  2. MelanieC

    Music off beat IMAX 4?

    I am having a really hard time with IMAX 4 and I’m an avid stepper. I’m used to following a strong downbeat in the music and an 8 count. With IMAX 4 it feels like the music does not sync with the steps throughout the program. There is no strong downbeat. Either Cathe is too fast, or the music is...
  3. MelanieC

    Why diagonal lunges?

    Hi Cathe! I just finished Strong & Sweaty Bootcamp and really love that workout. But I'm just wondering what is the point of diagonal lunges? How do they differ from regular lunges? Am I supposed to feel it in another part of my legs not hit by regular lunges? And should the back knee be at...
  4. MelanieC

    Proper form for Romanian Deadlift

    I’ve been doing deadlifts with Cathe’s workouts for years and I‘ve always wondered if I’m doing them properly. So I finally looked it up and found this great video I thought I’d share with fellow Cathletes, since I believe the deadlifts Cathe is showing us in her workouts is the Romanian...
  5. MelanieC

    Anyone order just downloads?

    Hi everyone - so I'm really excited about the new Step Boss series. I've always ordered the DVDs but this time I'm considering only ordering the downloads. Has anyone out there just ordered downloads? Do you think there's an advantage to having the DVDs as well?
  6. MelanieC

    Weird question - ICE Rock'm Sock'm

    OK so every time I do this workout, I wonder what Cathe is saying during a particular exercise and I still can't make it out. Its during the Blizzard Blast - the cardio blizzard burn when you are kicking your legs forward with your feet pointed up. Is Cathe saying "shins of madness"??? I...
  7. MelanieC

    Body Max 2 revisted - Woah!

    Today I really needed some motivation - I'm stuck inside because of the snowstorm of the century here in Montreal. So I pulled out Body Max 2 and just did the step combos and the power circuits. I can't remember the last time I've done this workout, so I just stuck to a step with 1 riser on...
  8. MelanieC

    New series suggestion

    SNOW MAX!! Snow Max could help us northeners prepare for the winter - we could have Dig-out drills, Shovel Max, Snowshoe Step & Frostbite Burn, all followed by a "should've stayed indoors" extended stretch. How about it Cathe? ;)
  9. MelanieC

    Quick note on DVD cases

    Thank you Cathe & team for the excellent quality DVD cases! I know it seems like a small thing, but it matters to me. I’m really pleased with the quality of the packaging.
  10. MelanieC

    Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp Gloves?

    Can anyone tell me what gloves Cathe and crew are wearing in the FitSplit Boxing Bootcamp workout? Just wondering if they are weighted gloves. Thanks! Melanie
  11. MelanieC

    PHA Training 2?

    I have been focusing on the Strong & Sweaty Series, and have to say that PHA Training is quickly becoming one of my favourite Cathe workouts. I love the theory behind the training style and I love the format. I started my training on this workout using weights that were below what Cathe uses...
  12. MelanieC

    How many of you are pre-ordering Fit Split?

    I've always pre-ordered Cathe's series, but I'm really hesitating on buying this new series. I've never waited this long to pre-order! As much as I love my Cathe workouts, I feel that some of the newer routines are very similar. I think I may just skip this series and stick to the hundreds...
  13. MelanieC

    Metabolic Total Body + Blizzard Blast - awesome

    I'm really proud of myself today. Its the first time I've completed 100% of every single move in Metabolic Total Body + the Blizzard Blast. In my opinion, the Blizzard Blast on this workout is the hardest blizzard blast of the ICE series. All of those jack/squat thrust/air jack sequences...
  14. MelanieC

    Windmills - What's the benefit?

    I'm really enjoying Chiseled Upper Body in the ICE series, but one move that I'm not quite getting is Windmills. What's the point of this exercise? What body part is it working/strengthening? Thanks for the input!
  15. MelanieC

    Focusing on RWH after completing 12 weeks of BBG

    I know I'm behind the RWH game, but I received the DVDs when I was just starting Kayla Itsine's Bikini Body Guide, so I wanted to focus on BBG for 12 weeks. I'm on my second week of RWH, just trying to do one/two RWH workouts per day with a rest day on Sunday. I thought BBG was tough - it...
  16. MelanieC

    I got hubby to workout with me!

    So I'm really excited about this. After 6 years of trying to get my husband to lift weights, he finally started. Over those past 6 years, I tried to reason with him on all the benefits of strength training and tried to show by example how much I enjoy it. But he was never interested. One...
  17. MelanieC

    Input please on Lucilene capris - FFW

    Hi everyone - so I'm getting a little bonus this year from work and I thought I'd finally buy myself something from Feelfitwear. I've always liked the look of the Lucilene capris. There are three reviews on their website - all positive. If anyone out there has bought these capris could you...
  18. MelanieC

    Party Rockin Step 1 - Cathe is brilliant!

    This was the first dvd I reached for having received my dvds today. I LOVE IT!!! I'm glad I previewed it first cause its tricky in some spots. But it reminded me of when I first started working out with Cathe and how much I enjoyed the challenge if learning a new dvd. The music is awesome -...
  19. MelanieC

    Got my dvds in Canada today!

    Super excited that my dvds came today. I'm in Montreal. I had to pay customs though, which is the first time I've ever had to do that. Oh well I'm just happy to have them and get in on the fun!
  20. MelanieC


    I saw the new post on Facebook for this workout and I'm really looking forward to it. I've been reviewing all of my Cathe DVDs for high rep total body workouts, and I could only find two (High Reps and Muscle Endurance). So I'm glad to be adding another high rep workout to this collection...