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  1. fossey

    XTrain Check-in January 2014

    Hi Eileen and kswjetski, I just finished Burn Sets: Chest, Back & Shoulders. I'm following the 90 day Xtrain/Low Impact rotation. I started my 1 Rep Max Friday but only did about a third of them. I finished the last 28 sets last night, needless to say, I was a little weaker today than I...
  2. fossey

    Cardio Leg Blast

    Just finished this workout for the second go round, week 2 of the 90 day undualting rotation. All I can say is what a sweat fest! :eek:
  3. fossey

    Race Across America Challenge 2012

    I just decided to start this challenge over for myself and re-set the start date as January 01, 2012. Anybody want to join? :)
  4. fossey

    Got My LIS

    So excited, I went to the post office today and my DVDs are here! In Canada!! Only thing is, I ordered two sets, one for me and one for my sister but only got one set of gliding discs. :confused: Anybody else in Canada get theirs yet? Happy Happy!!:D
  5. fossey


    Just posting general question. Anyone like to golf? I love it and have not been able to this year, so far, due to broken ankle. Love the sport, very frustrating and challenging. Anyone else out there love it?:D
  6. fossey

    Broken Ankle

    So, I broke my ankle on June 27 and have been wearing an air cast since. Yesterday I had my 4 week xray and my doctor called me today to tell me I have to wear the aircast for another 4 weeks. :( So bummed, can't run, bike or even go for a walk, no cardio at all or lower body workouts. I'm...