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    2020 Rotation

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    2020 Rotation

    Has this month's rotation been posted? I'm looking at Cathe on Demand but, I don't see it.
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    thank you
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    How can I minimize the buffering on my laptop when streaming Cathe on Demand? I'm out of town and I was trying to watch one of the workouts, but it keeps buffering several times during the workout. Suggestions please!
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    November 2018 Rotation

    How can I download this rotation to my OnDemand?
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    OnDemand & Monthly Rotations

    How do I download the monthly rotations onto my Cathe OnDemand on my Roku?
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    Help!!! Can't find the Cathe App on my Roku TV!!

    Help, I need assistance. I ordered the Cathe Live & OnDemand, but can't find the app on my TV. Will I need to purchase a ROKU stick in order to get OnDemand and Cathe Live?
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    Any suggestions on puzzle mats?

    Thanks for your suggestions ladies. I'll have to go on Amazon or Walmart to see what they have.
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    Any suggestions on puzzle mats?

    Hi Ladies, I'm in the process of turning my garage into a home gym and was wondering if any of you had any ideas on where I can purchase heavy duty puzzle mats. I bought some from I think Big Lots, but they slide over the floor, I need something a bit more sturdier. Suggestions please Dana
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    Nov 2013 Rotation

    I'm interested in doing the November rotation but dont have Intensity. What's a good sub?
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    I jsut got my Turbo Fire yesterday

    Lulu, I love the workouts, you'll get it!
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    Gals Premenopausal/A Little Testosterone?

    sorry, no info for you bot i know how you feel, my ob/gyn tried to give me birth control also
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    Starting Insanity tomorrow... any advice

    I like the workouts, but have you ben-gay ready. The high impact was a killer on my knees
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    Gals Premenopausal/A Little Testosterone?

    It can be frustrating when relaying symptoms to doctors, some act like the symptoms are all in your head. Has anyone tried the hormonal creams you can get at the health food stores
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    P90X question

    Yeah, P90X has the same option.
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    Tony Horton ain't got nothin' on Cathe

    Yeah, the cardio in P90X is lame, but I got many compliments on my upper body from doing P90X. I just substituted Cathe's cardio in place of Cardio X. I have to admit, I like KenpoX when I don't feel like doing alot of jumping around.
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    Any MyFitnessPal users?

    I'm a MFP user also, and I know what you mean about P90x and Jillian Michaels. I'll send a friend request also. I go by Danamae
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    Perimenopause and fitness- HELP!

    I just went to see my OB/GYN on Friday due to this very same issue. I'm 45 and am going through peri-menopause. It can be very frustrating, you exercise 5-6 days a week, eat healthy and you feel like you're getting no where. I feel your pain. Well, my doctor recommended to stay active and...
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    If I had the body blast series I would do it with you, but I only have KPC/LG from that series. When I found Cathe, I just ordered videos here and there. I dont own an actual series, but am thinking about purchasing STS and the new Low Impact. I know all her DVD's are good, but some can be a...
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    Wonderwoman, I've been thinking the same thing these past few weeks, especially when you feel you're eating healthy and exercising regularly, but not seeing the results you think you should get. Then you wonder, maybe it's my thyroid, or am I going through peri-menopause (I'm 45), so all...