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    York 2 Sided Vertical Rack

    Hi, Does anyone have the dumbbell rack that Cathe uses from York Barbell. I only have the cast iron hex dumbbells and wondered if they would fit. I called the company and was told they should fit, but would rather hear it from someone who actually uses the cast iron hex. Thanks, Missy
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    Trouble streaming

    3rd and hopefully final update: I just remembered I have a content blocker installed on safari. I turned it off, and Now the videos load. it is crystal content blocker which blocks ads, but sometimes messes up shopping sites too. Just glad I figured it out. 2nd update: The same thing is...
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    Remember me on login

    Can anyone tell me how to stay logged into the workout manager? I have checked remember me, but it doesn't. Thanks, Melissa
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    Body Max 2 subs

    I was tring to figure out a sub for body max 2. I have cardio fusion which I believe has cardio from the same series. I thought I could do that with the weight only portion from bootcamp. Does anyone have any thoughts for me? Thanks, Melissa
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    Length of tubing

    Hi Cathe, I just used the altus medium resistance tubing for the first time with tricep burn sets. I think my tubing is shorter than the one you use and sell even though they are both altus products. How could I modify tricep overhead extensions with the tube rather than switching to...
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    Shoulder issues and Slide&Glide

    Hi Cathe, Once again, I am fighting bursitis and arthritis in my right shoulder. I am able to do a couple pushups at this point and that is it. So for burpees and the plank/pushup moves I am trying to come up with subs that will work the core and chest/arms. What do you think about combinig a...
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    Fast Shipping!

    I preordered on the 10th and already got my additional items. Can't wait to wear my strength gloves and do Hiit. Thanks for the great service. Melissa
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    Itensity, my 7 yr. old showed me up.

    Cathe, My 7 year old daughter did most of the high intensity Hiit workout with me. I am 42 and envious of her. She completed the flying angles and got high off the ground for tuck jumps, all the while laughing and saying how fun it was. She enjoyed the bunny hops and your ribbit comments...
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    Yet another 1 rep max ?

    I found the answer to my question in another post (amount calculates when you print workout card). I left the post incase somebody out there thinks the way I do: So, I am feeling very dimwitted right now. I thought I had this whole thing figured out - Until I did STS Total Body (upper split)...
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    Nightime Eating Thanks.

    Hi Shirl, Lori, Eunice and Valerie, I wanted to thank you for your support on this thread. We had a computer virus and our computer is just up and running correctly now. I hope you all have a great, happy new year. I continue in my effort to eat healthily at night. Anyhow, thanks again. Melissa
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    Nightime Eating 12/9-12/12

    Hi everyone, anyone? I am going to run the thread per week to keep easier track of days. Last night I didn't have anything, but I did eat chocoloate morsels out of the bag before dinner. Just thought I should confess this. Melissa
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    Nightime Eating for Dec 6

    Well, I blew it last night. I ate pretzels, french fries, and cookies. I hope you all did better than me. Melissa
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    Nightime Eating Fri and Sat

    Hi, Well, Friday night I didn't eat anything, however, I did eat a cheesesteak sandwich for dinner. I only ate two small meals the rest of the day, so I don't feel too guilty. Saturday was my cheat day, and my Christmas brunch, I ate and drank way too much. I am glad it is Sunday and a new week...
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    Nightime Eating for Dec 3

    Well, I did a lot of baking. So, I had a shorbread cookie, a piece of chocolate and a lemon raspberry muffin. My only saving grace was that I only ate on of each instead of mindless eating. I hope you are all doing good! Melissa
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    Nightime Eating for Dec 2

    I did good last night, a bowl of cereal. Also, I made chocolate candy and only ate a small piece. Usually I would have scraped the bowl clean. Thanks for your support. Melissa
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    Nightime Eating for Dec1

    Hi Everyone, I did a little better last night. I had a luna bar and milk and a mini bag of pretzels. I hope you are all doing better than me. Melissa
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    Nighttime eating for the 24th

    Hi and Happy Thanksgiving! I most likely won't post tomorrow. I ate cereal and a small pack of pretzels last night. Today, it is all down hill. I am going to my mil with a pie and cookies. So, I am going to try hard, but not too hard? By the way, does anyone mind going to a weekly post so...
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    Nightime Eating for Nov 23

    Hi Everyone, I ate cinnamon harvest cereal and a charms blow pop last night. I fell asleep at 9:15, otherwise I proabaly would have had more. Eunice, When I bake I end up eating a lot too, this is my excuse for not baking. Starting next week, I will make cookies and junk for Christmas, so we...
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    Nightime Eating

    I never started a check-in before, so forgive me if this isn't right. This is for those of us who are trying to stop overeating at night. I'm hoping it will shame me into forgoing the junk so I don't have to tell everyone how pigish I can be. Basically we will just write down everything we eat...
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    Nightime eating check-in

    Does anyone know if there is a check-in for overeating at night? I need to do something to stop eating at night. Maybe having to post it would make me stop. If there isn't a check-in of this type, would anyone be interested in joining one if this were a topic? Thanks, Melissa