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    Bowflex 552 Adjustable Dumbbells HUGE SALE

    Today only, 40 percent off with free shipping: Code: D4PFSE1 I just ordered mine for under 240 bucks! Yeah!!!
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    Sexy Moms & their Babes Week of June 6th

    Aren't we a bunch of lurking weirdos this week? Lol Well, I've been here a few times looking for someone to start us off....decided to go ahead and bit the bullet. How are my favorite mommies?
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    Mom's of babies Check-in Week of May 23rd

    Hi ladies. Thought I'd get us started this week. This AM was a bit rough, but I took a little nap and now feel much better.I did end up taking an Ativan for anxiety...and I think it made be drowsy, so I won't be able to take it for anxiety at work. I'm hoping my med will kick in within a week...
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    Joyous Mother's Day Week---Enjoying our Bambino Blessings

    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL OF YOU, MY FAVORITE MOMMIES!!!! Madalynn was up a little before 6AM & I'm waking up. Got alot to do today, just two days off before all this company comes. Jory is going to help me clean for a couple of hours & DH wants to take me out to eat. I have five miles on...
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    Marvelous Moms & their equally Marvelous Babes 5/2

    Just wanted to get us started. I'm determined to get out of this I will be pushing myself thru a run this AM. It's cold & rainy outside but I don't care. I need endorphins!!!! Wish me luck! Waves to all my favorite mommies!!!
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    Fit Moms are the Best Moms--Check in 4/25

    Hi ladies. First of all I want to congratulate all of us mommies for being so fit-conscious & would like to give our bodies a big round of applause for growing our healthy babies & recovering so well. Good job mommies & bodies!!! I am so amazed at our creation! Okay, so after my poop this AM...
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    Swollen Hearts for our Bambino Valentines--Check in

    Good morning to all you wonderful mommies & Happy Valentine's Day! I got a ripe 5 hours of sleep last night & am hoping to hit the sack early tonight for my full day of work tomorrow. ha ha. Now how silly does that sound? I've been up for only an hour and I"m thinking of going to bed...
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    Superbowel is cool, but our babies are cooler Check-in

    Hey ladies! I am down one pound today. :D :D So that puts me in the 140s.. this makes me feel like I have accomplished a milestone. lol Today's workout is 5 mile run. I will do it with Coach Sean today, I"m thinking's my favorite one. Nothing planned for superbowel. A grocery...
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    What's your fitness "secret"?

    I love reading how fitness folks step "outside" the box and find crafty ways to increase their physical fitness... either with unique changes in diet, or fitness. I like to do step aerobics using 2lb hand weights (the ones designed for kickboxing). I quickly noticed a tightening/firmness in...
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    Anyone take ibuprofen everyday for muscle aches?

    I"m working to get back into shape after having my twins. I am eating clean (3 meals & 3 snacks/day ....limiting carbs to complex variety) and also working out twice day (60 minute advanced aerobics/running in AM & a 4 mile walk in evenings). I am having a weight loss trend....but sore...
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    Go Wear Fit question

    I am nursing (twins). I've read that I burn an additional 500 calories/baby you think the GWF "knows" that I am burning more calories by "reading my body"?....or do I have to add that in there?
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    Fit & Firm Mom Jan 18th

    Good morning, mommies! Thought I'd get us started this week. I've been eating super clean, although I could eat more veggies. I've been working out 6-7 days/week (often twice daily). I know weekly goal weight loss shouldn't be more than 2lbs, but I"m hoping with nursing the twins...
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    Shape Ups for under $70

    I have alot of weight to lose from my recent twin pregnancy. I purchased Cathe's 10lb weighted vest to help increase caloric output. ....and I just purchased a pair of Sketcher's Shape Ups. Kohls has them for $99 and there's a 30 percent off promotional code: KCSAVE30 that can be used (if...
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    Sexy Moms of New Babies hit it hard in 2010!!!

    Susan, looks like you're off to a good start this AM. :D DH went fishing for the day, so I worked out early today. I did CC5 (4.5 miles). I'm really getting into a workout routine of working out for 60 minutes....then soaking in the hottub for 15 minutes, then showering/dressing for 15...
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    No Moderator?

    Just curious if anyone else finds it discouraging that the Fit Moms Pregnancy and Postpartum "moderator" has not made a post since July 20 2008? I contacted Cathe about this several months ago, wondering if maybe Sheila Watkins no longer wanted to moderate.... but it's been almost 18 months...
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    Postpartum: Clean Eating & Exercising Check in Dec 20th

    Good morning ladies! Isn't life so nice & busy with wee-ones in the house? I just LOVE it!!!! We have an appt on Monday for Myranda at the pediatrician's office (2 hr drive). They will do a venous draw & check hemoglobin....we've been working the iron drops into her daily & hopefully she...
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    Need prayers for our Christine & baby John

    This was posted on our check in: Cannot post much. We had our baby boy. But there were some severe problems. He has Severe Hemoophilia Type A, something not screened for. We found out after his circumcision did not heal. HE is still in the Stanford NICU< we are reeling adn scared. I will let...
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    Postpartum: Clean Eating & Exercising Check in ?

    Anyone interested in a check-in? I'm working on eating cleaner (little/no simple sugars). My last two pregnancies I had 25 and 15lbs of weight to lose & I used a modified SouthBeach Diet to help obtain pre-pregnancy weight. This time I have about 30 lbs to lose,... So.....clean eating &...
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    Advice: Nursing Sports Bra

    Just getting back to fitness after a difficult twins my boobs are having trouble with all the jumping!!! My pre-pregnancy sports bras are difficult to put on (so they are tight)....but don't offer enough support for my rather large (and sometimes full) breasts. Can anyone...
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    New Babies & Babies to be Nov 29th

    New Babies & Babies To Be: luprisi/Priscilla - Dec. 5 (It's a boy!) 23jimbeam/Christine - Dec. 15 (It's a boy!) bunekneck/Raciela - Dec 23 (It's a girl!) Krillie/Kristine - Feb 1 ersikes/Kelli- Liann/Amber- June 28th ----------------------------- Susank41/Susan - Oct. 13 (Kara)...