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  1. dbclark

    Muscle Meltdown DVD

    Would absolutely love a separate DVD with all the muscle meltdowns on it and some of your awesome premixes. I absolutely love the MMs but wish wish they were on a disc of their own.
  2. dbclark

    Senior Fitness DVD

    I understand you did a Live class like this and I'd love a DVD like this. This is great for people recovering from injuries or on those blah days when you want to do something but don't want to go at your usual intensity yet want to feel like you did something.
  3. dbclark

    Roku and Cathe On Demand

    I apologize if this has been addressed before. Can someone tell me if Roku gives you access to Cathe's On Demand to include the workout blender and live classes.
  4. dbclark

    Muscle Meltdown Upper Body Premix

    A few of us VFers have expressed the desire for a Muscle Meltdown Premix with all 5 of the muscle melt down workouts and was wondering why Cathe didn't offer this one. It would have been a great premix option.