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  1. DebD

    Commit to Get Fit & Lean Superbowl Weekend

    Hi girls, I'm sure Belinda is really busy with her furniture arriving. I can't imagine shipping all that stuff overseas. Yesterday I did Yoga & I'm about to do Squeeze in a few minutes before dinner. Still planning my menu for Superbowl Sunday, not really rooting for anyone but DH is in...
  2. DebD

    Ipod or Portable harddrive for downloads?

    I ordered the downloads, and would like to know my best options. I want to view my downloads on my TV, maintain the quality & easily hookup to my TV: Would you suggest an Ipod (how much space do I need) or a portable external harddrive? or another option? Also will an ipod hold...
  3. DebD

    External Hard Drive

    Hi SNM, My computer is older and doesn't have a lot of memory. I'm thinking about getting a portable external hard drive. Could you recommend a size that would be good to hold future downloads? Thanks,
  4. DebD


    Hi Laura, It was so much fun meeting you at Cathe's event, and riding home with you on the train. It was so weird how we were talking about cardic arrest and come home to hear about Michael Jackson. I'm doing a demo at Whole Foods on Springfield Ave. today. I'll be close by:). On a side...
  5. DebD

    Commit to Fit and Lean June 10, 2009

    Good morning everyone, I think Belinda had a Dr.'s appt. today so I decided to start the thread. I hope all goes well with her and she gets a green flag today:) Be back in a few minutes.
  6. DebD

    Commit to Get Fit and Lean 4/21

    Good morning girls, I hope Belinda is getting the help she needs today, I feel so bad for her:( Both Belinda & Lori are MIA:) I'm going to the gym today to do kickbox/MMA class. I also have to work today. Not much else going on. Hi to everyone who follows, BBL :)
  7. DebD

    ??? about an outside bird

    I have a robin who is trying to break into my home. At first it was funny, but now it's starting to freak me out and the dog too. She starts out around 6AM outside our bedroom window the front of the house and flys into the window trying to break it with her beak. In the afternoon she goes...
  8. DebD

    Earthquake in NJ

    Last night my house was shaking. We checked all the rooms and outside nothing. My DH said maybe it was an earthquake . . . I thought in NJ??? Sure enough on the news this morning we had a 3.0 earthquake. I feel for you guys in CA. I know 3.0 is nothing, but it was so scary. At first, I...
  9. DebD

    Order from the homepage?

    To register for the roadtrip will we go to the homepage? Thanks!
  10. DebD

    STS - Gym ?

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  11. DebD

    STS - Gym ?

    I'm very interested in both the STS Gym and DVD workouts. Will the exercises be different enough to purchase both? Thanks, Debbie
  12. DebD

    Soprano Fans

    Soprano Fans, Yesterday, at the Raceway gas station near my house they filmed a scene from the last episode of Soprano's. A couple of months ago they also filmed at an italian restaurant in our area (the restaurant staff gave us some tibits on what happened that day). My husband (who...
  13. DebD

    Lost FitTV

    Our cable company (Cablevision) dropped FitTV. I'm so mad, I emailed them and said isn't America unhealthy enough that you would give up a fitness channel for who knows what. Just venting. Thanks, Debbie
  14. DebD

    Weight training ?

    Hi Cathe, I hope each day is making you feel alittle better. My question about weight training is if I were to do an upper body workout(morning) with 2 sets for each body part but had some extra time (evening) to do an additional set for the same body parts, would that be OK? Thanks...
  15. DebD

    Dani --- Hanes tees

    Hi Dani, Thanks for letting us know about the Hanes undies offer. They sent me a neat catalog with plain t-shirts. They are so cute and cheap (not sure how the quality is) I'm going to order some, they come in great colors too. Anyone know where I could get artwork for "Kick like a Girl"...
  16. DebD

    ? Self magazines 10 superfoods

    Does anyone have this month's Self magazine with the list of the 10 superfoods? Could you please list them? Thanks so much. Debbie D'Angelo
  17. DebD

    Meredith - Re: Katrina

    Hi Meredith, I've been wondering how you are doing since Katrina? I met you at the Cathe Roadtrip, we briefly talked the 1st night. It's strange that I was talking to Tracy from Clearwater, FL about the hurricanes in Florida and you mentioned that alot of people don't realize about the...
  18. DebD

    ? for people from Europe

    We just came back from a vacation in Mexico. We were staying in a resort with alot more Europeans than Americans. I was surprised at how fit, thin & tan the Europeans were compared to the Americans. I was also surprised that most of them smoked. I was wondering if someone could enlighten me...
  19. DebD

    Budokon workouts

    I was wondering if anyone has tried this DVD by Cameron Shayne. It is a martial arts/yoga workout. Debbie D'Angelo
  20. DebD

    the color orange

    I was wondering if your favorite color is orange? It looks great on you!! Debbie D'Angelo