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  1. beccajanern

    Glassboro RT Facebook group.

    Could you add me to the group, please? Not my first road trip, but it's been several years so I could use some pointers. :) Rebecca Oaks - Bluffton, OH Thanks!
  2. beccajanern

    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    I'm in!!!!!! #054! :) Now, who needs a roomie???? ;)
  3. beccajanern

    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    I was just sent a registration link to send payment, but it didn't go through! This is frustrating for just me, I can't imagine how difficult it is for Cathe and crew who are trying to sort this all out!!
  4. beccajanern

    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    I *think* I'm in. I was #101, but I got the email that said I was on the wait list. :confused: I'm anxiously waiting to see if I get a confirmation email. :::fingers crossed::::
  5. beccajanern

    Cathe I love LI +X Train Rotation!

    Thanks Firemedic! That does help a lot! :)
  6. beccajanern

    Cathe I love LI +X Train Rotation!

    I just completed week 3 of this rotation and I love it! I didn't do 1 rep max testing, but I am getting to failure in Burn Sets. NY25, what is the impact like in Hard Strikes? I noticed that is not in the Xtrain/LIS rotation and I was wondering if it was because of the impact. I had hip...
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    Description? I apologize if this has been posted somewhere and I am just missing it, but is there a description of these workouts posted somewhere? I mean, besides the titles? I'm curious about length, premixes, intensity, etc?
  8. beccajanern

    Perception of business practices Post #7 is the one that Erica is referring to. I'm just a bit OCD and not a fan of she said/she said's..... Back to your regularly scheduled thread.....
  9. beccajanern

    Green smoothie girl

    I like it so far. I am going to try the hot pink smoothie tomorrow morning for breakfast. I just started doing green smoothies a few weeks ago and I am still working them into my diet.
  10. beccajanern

    Green smoothie girl

    I've seen quite a bit of discussion on these boards about green smoothies/raw foods, etc. and a friend of mine directed me to this site: I have spent the last hour just reading over all of her articles. She has a ton of information on there about whole...
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    So for the crackers you just mix the flax meal and water? Do you add oil? Sorry to bother, but I'm confused. And since I am bothering you....:eek: It sounds like you cook a lot of the things my husband and I are trying to eat...low carb, whole foods. Do you have any particular resources...
  12. beccajanern

    Puke Worthy workout

    This may be TMI, but today I had my first truly puke worthy workout. I did Lauren Brooks Kettlebells first thing in the morning, fresh out of bed and pushed extra hard. So hard that I threw up afterwards. While I wasn't excited about feeling ill, there was a slight sense of accomplishment...
  13. beccajanern

    Low carb syrup

    Does anyone know of a recipe for low carb maple syrup that does not use artificial sweeteners? Thanks!
  14. beccajanern


    Jodelle, I made this today and it is really good! Perfect for my diabetic husband who is trying to avoid artificial sweeteners (a BIG challenge!). I was wondering if there is a way to make it thinner, more like a flat bread? Thanks for posting this!
  15. beccajanern

    Harcore Series Rotation? Is this the one you are looking for?
  16. beccajanern

    almost done with begineer rotation - where now?

    I think with what you have, premixes will be your friend! 4 Day Split alone could carry you through an intermediate rotation with the premixes. The step choreo can be a little challenging so maybe try something like this: (This is based on Cathe's intermediate rotation, taking into...
  17. beccajanern

    Anyone have results using the beginner roatation?

    Have you checked out FitnessFreak's Beginner/intermediate/advanced rotation? If you are not a "true beginner" you may get bored with Cathe's beginner rotation, as the previous poster mentioned. I am currently working through FF's...
  18. beccajanern

    Cathe Your Yellow Top

    Not Cathe, but it is at Oh My Bod. Scroll down to the bottom of the page:
  19. beccajanern

    Cathe: question about oatmeal

    Jodelle, I have to tell you that I made the "cinnamon roll" oatmeal today and it was delish! My 11 yo DS even liked it and he won't eat anything remotely healthy by choice! I will have to try that "chicken pot pie" one next. Thanks for the quick and easy recipes! :)