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  1. ellesan

    Osteopenia/Osteoperosis meds

    I'm turning 40 next month and went through premature menopause at age 35--so I'm 5 years post menopausal. My dexascan shows mild osteopenia and my gyn wanted me to start Fosamax or Boniva, etc. I chose to be more consistent with calcium/vit d supplements and strength training, etc. for a year...
  2. ellesan

    This is how to get people to take the stairs--love it!
  3. ellesan

    12 Days of Fitness

    I'm doing a "12 Days of Fitness" Challenge over on my blog that starts today--come on over if you need some motivation to get/stay moving :D
  4. ellesan

    "I am not a runner" funny

    Good laugh this morning :p
  5. ellesan


    Frustrated and emotionally exhausted. :( I know I could be doing better. Any tips, suggestions, books, anything on ways to communicate with step-kids in regards to talking back, not listening, attitude, etc. He's 12 yrs old??
  6. ellesan

    I'm in Shape Magazine (+ Cathe mention)!!

    When I was a junior in high school, I picked up my first issue of Shape Magazine. I used to pour over the inspiring weight loss Success Stories--wishing, hoping and praying that someday that would be me. Someday I would have a better relationship with food, someday I would get control of my...
  7. ellesan

    "My" Spinervals workout is out!

    I was able to be in a cycle/spin workout video after I did the Iron Girl Triathlon in May this year. The DVD is finally out and here's the trailor! BTW I'm the one wearing the white hat--notice when Coach Troy tells me I'm giving an "A effort!" This is an interval workout and this trailor is...
  8. ellesan

    Our new "baby" :)

    This is Tyson, our new Boxer pup. He's so adorable and a ton of work!!
  9. ellesan

    Beautiful Fall colors...

    I've been doing a lot of hiking/sight seeing lately and wanted to share these photos--I love the change in seasons here in Utah! Do you live in a beautiful area too? Post some pics!
  10. ellesan

    You are beautiful--yes you! :)

    I recently heard about the Operation Beautiful movement and wanted to share it with all of you fabulous Cathletes! I love this idea! :D We get so many negative messages everyday in the media that we are not good enough, thin enough, beautiful enough, etc. the way we are....let's change that...
  11. ellesan

    Muddy Buddy?

    I'm considering doing this kind of race but wanted to hear experiences/thoughts. This one is actually called the Dirty Dash-- a 5 woman team, 10 K mud run obstacle course. ;)Looks fun but I have been plagued by knee problems = not a good/fast runner...although I know it's not really all about...
  12. ellesan

    40th birthday ideas?

    I'll be turning 40 in 6 months (February) and want to plan something fabulous that celebrates life, health and happiness! Since it will be winter time, mostly likely something indoors, however I'm not ruling out a cruise. I do have some ideas but wanted to hear what you guys would do. Thanks!
  13. ellesan

    Rude or not? vacations... I recently went on vacation with my husband's family. The first night for dinner our niece (resident of vacation town) said she had a surprise for us for dinner at a nice restaurant. We had not talked about plans for dinner, but I found out that others in the group...
  14. ellesan

    How cute is this?

    Attitude is everything!
  15. ellesan

    Best workout/waterproof make-up?

    Normally I'd never wear make-up for workouts, but I'll be filming a workout dvd and would like to look good :D. I have no idea what to wear make up/mascara wise that won't smudge/drip all over my face. Any tips or things that have worked for you? Thanks!
  16. ellesan

    Getting ready for swimsuit season?

  17. ellesan

    Thank you!

    Last year at this time I had an acute autoimmune attack--I was very sick with thyroid disease and planning for surgery to have my thyroid removed. It was a really difficult time for me and I was a basket case. I didn't feel like I'd ever be able to walk a mile again, let alone get back into...
  18. ellesan

    Montreal, Toronto, Niagara Falls

    Travel tips please!! My niece is graduating from McGill in Montreal in early June and we'll be going. We'll be in Montreal for 4 days, only in Toronto for one day and then doing a full day trip to Niagara Falls. What are the definite things to see and do? What's a waste of time? I...
  19. ellesan

    So excited!

    I'm going to be in a Spinervals DVD!!! :D:D:D Since I'm doing the Iron Girl triathlon in Vegas, I got a casting call email from Iron Girl saying they were filming a new Spinervals DVD two days after the triathlon. I submitted my info/photo and they told me today I was in! :cool:
  20. ellesan

    Please, someone tell me ITBS can get better!

    I know this has been discussed before, but I'm so frustrated and discouraged right now preparing for my race. Fitness wise, I can easily run at least 5-6 miles but the ITB pain stops me after about 2 miles and I have to walk on/off. I'm doing all the ITB stretches, foam rolling, taking...