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  1. teddy16410

    Cathe Live

    So loving doing Cathe Live each week! Thank you for offering this service as well as On Demand- its a must have :D Any chance that one day (when you have time) :confused:, that we can get you to do a rotation based on all Cathe Live? Maybe a "Rock Bottoms" one since we all love those.... Just...
  2. teddy16410

    User Guides-

    First THANK YOU for the amazing new workouts!!! What section of forums/WM or elsewhere are ALL the user guides listed? I know ICE may not be up yet but I simply cannot figure out where you are hiding the Guides section :D I know its probably staring at me... Sorry for the silly question. Traci
  3. teddy16410

    User Name

    Searched for previous response but couldn't find... Is it possible to change our user name or do we have to start a new account? THANKS!
  4. teddy16410


    Cathe I am in total awe of your choice of fitness workout pants- every live class I do with Cathe Live, they just get cuter & cuter...anyway you'd let us know your favorite places to shop for fitness gear this summer? ALSO- a BIG side note...Cathe Live has ben the best investment of my life...
  5. teddy16410

    How do you train personally?

    Hi Cathe- I know we all like to change things up with our own personal lifting/cardio schedule - just wondering when you aren't prepping for a video what is a typical workout week like for you? Do you train traditional splits - hitting stubborn parts 2x a week or do you hit legs 2-3x a week in...
  6. teddy16410

    CaThe Live- Unable to access

    I successfully signed up for Cathe Live on Jan 31st- did a video on 31st and Feb although I keep re-logging in it des not recognize me as a subscriber. I have sent my PayPal proof of payment and recurring charges but have yet to get a resolution. Any suggestions between now and the...
  7. teddy16410

    Workout Manager Notifications

    TWO Questions: Is there a way to get a daily reminder notification of my Calendar (downloaded schedule)? I really do get busy and forget to pull up my calendar most days:oops: Is there a way to PRINT CALENDAR but not the pictures version- IOW I would like a calendar print that simply has the...
  8. teddy16410

    RWH - Legs

    Merry Christmas Cathe & Team! Hope you don't answer (work) on Christmas day tho! ;) I LUV the shorts and inseam of them in RWH LEGs - what can you tell me about them so I can search for them? Also... I couldn't move for 2 days after LEGs... THANK YOU! LOL It was a total blast and time flew by...
  9. teddy16410

    10# Weighted Vest

    Hi Cathe/SNM My clients are wanting to buy your 10# vest after "graduating". Your store didn't have it listed at all and vendors are all "Out of stock" - tell me its not discontinued! :confused: . Thanks for the assist! Traci
  10. teddy16410

    "Expired Code" Trying to Download

    Started downloads yesterday- this morning trying to finish up- getting EXPIRED CODE when I enter my download code that worked yesterday. Thanks for assist!
  11. teddy16410

    Calendar Issues

    The rotations in my calendar wont delete- its keeps confirmig they are deleted but they arent- also added a new rotation- it confirmed it was added but its not there
  12. teddy16410

    Xtrain Guide and WM Issue

    In the guide under adjusting your 1rm... Says to go to calendar ...check... click Show details...check click Edit Workout .... There is no edit workout button- I only have an edit rotation button and thats not it. :o
  13. teddy16410

    Product Suggestion

    Hi Cathe & Chris! I just recently found a company called and promptly spent 200.00! They have about 50-75 different decks of cards: Resistance Tube, Bodyweight, Nutrition, Speed & Agility, Plyometrics, Vertical Plyo, Core Blast, Seniors etc.... I use these cards not just for...
  14. teddy16410

    Doubles Cathe Rotations

    Hi guys- Been searching thru the rotations and cant find what I'm looking for... Need to find one of the rotations Cathe wrote (can be back to early days) that she does AM & PM workouts. When I searched "Doubles" I got alot of hits but nothing that was what I am looking for... Anyone recall any...
  15. teddy16410

    Rotation Suggestion for Cathe

    Hi Cathe...SO excited about the new workouts! My 48/yr old body thanks you too! :D I find myself (at least 1x per year) going back to your amazing story of losing your baby weight... i know it was what inspired your Body Blast Series. My hope is that you'll consider doing a rotation using...
  16. teddy16410

    A New Rock Bottoms Rotation Request

    Hi Cathe! I know so many of us have used this awesome Rock Bottoms Rotataion over the years. I was wondering:D if you could write us a new one including all the latest & greatest DVds & premixes. So many great lower workout have come out since June of '06. Whip my lower body into shape please...
  17. teddy16410

    Hip Flexors

    Hi Cathe! Happy New Year to you! I am totally IN LUV with the new series- THANK YOU!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I'm very conditioned but must say I am still plagued with hip flexor issues (I'm assuming tight? weak?) that prevent me from doing marathon reps of lunges. Static are the worst but elevated rear...
  18. teddy16410


    Hi Cathe & SNM! I am just now breaking the seal on the new DVDs. Lower Body Blast is in my player and I am so jazzed by the music! The workout is on tap for later today but please tell me all the details of how/when/where I can get the music from this series. INCREDIBLE!!!!
  19. teddy16410

    Disc 4 Bug

    The first round of STS everything was fine..Showing all exercises...Today I did Disc 4 again and 3 exercises are missing from the worksheet: Seated Concentration Curls Seated Front Press Push Ups (21's)
  20. teddy16410

    Need Chocolate Protein Powder Recipes please!

    Hey all you creative peeps! I dont really like chocolate protein "shakes" so what else can I use my chocolate mix in? I'm a short list ingredient girl :D so be kind please! I have a choco protein pancake recipe..not my flavor of choice for those ;) but really want to use up my chocolate...