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  1. ebonynicole

    Cathe Labor Day Sale

    Patiently waiting for those slide discs to come out. Hopefully that is in the works because I really needs a new set or 2 :D
  2. ebonynicole

    April 2021 Rotation

    Oh wow, this looks amazing and may hurt but in a good way so I am not worried!! Love the BBW add ons, this is something I can use with any rotation. Thanks Cathe :)
  3. ebonynicole

    January 2021

    I agree this is an awesome rotation :D
  4. ebonynicole

    Thank You Cathe

    I just wanted to say a quick thanks to you Cathe. I watched am so loving the Live classes these days and see that you are adding new moves in there which keeps it fresh. This morning workout was awesome and I loved the soundtrack too. Keep up the great work. Also while I did express how...
  5. ebonynicole

    Virtual Road Trip

    Just checking to see if there has been any news about this as a possibility. I would love to do this as it is a little difficult for me to make it to an in-person road trip. Thanks for even bringing it up as a possibility :D
  6. ebonynicole

    Sept 2020 Rotation

    Love the series rotation, if you could do more fo these that would be awesome!!!! :D
  7. ebonynicole

    Live Soundtrack

    First off I want to say thank you Cathe for doing the 1:1 workouts I think these are so awesome and it really leaves the door open for so much variety in what you can with them, from you filing them to us doing them :D Second I did You Bet Your Bootcamp the other day and I love that soundtrack...
  8. ebonynicole

    Important News About Cathe Live

    I encountered the same issue as hiho322 this morning. It the first PHA live class and it stopped a couple of times but I was able to finish it. The website only displays 2 pages of workouts and it doesn't show both low and high versions. I cleared my cache and cookies and restarted, logged out...
  9. ebonynicole


    Can't remember what you all have said in the past about choosing the music but if you could include music from Ready, Step Sweat and/or Upper Body Core Crush those are some awesome soundtracks. I know alot of people do not care about the music but I think for me it adds that little extra action...
  10. ebonynicole

    Cathe New Series Perfect 30 workouts?

    Wow this a nice surprise and we can get a new workout over the summer instead of towards the end of the year. I will pre-order on Friday as this sounds awesome. I tend to like the longer workouts but know that I can make them as long as I like so this will give some awesome variety. I need to...
  11. ebonynicole

    Saturday Broadcast

    Just checking to make sure, there is supposed to be a live broadcast tomorrow right? I only ask because yesterday Cathe's said that for those of us at home, she would see us next Thursday. Just wanted to make sure things didn't change that quickly. Thank you kindly :)
  12. ebonynicole

    Step Boss crew members?

    Would love to see them all back, hopefully one day we will be surprised :D
  13. ebonynicole

    How did you find out about Cathe?

    I started working out to Cathe in 2009 when FitTV was around. I had been working out at a gym prior to that and never knew or thought about home fitness instructors/workout etc. Once I saw Cathe and her gym quality workouts I was hooked. Once FitTV went off the air I went to her website and...
  14. ebonynicole

    Atlus Equipment Cathe Equipment

    If I remember correctly, the company that she was partnered with went out of business and there wasn't a replacement company to partner with and make the equipment anymore. The new Fit Tower has been the only thing new in which she was able to have someone make. I miss the equipment too, should...
  15. ebonynicole

    May 30, 2019

    1nortell, I know what you meant too, coming up with a new name for each workout I would think can get challenging. Looking back at the live workouts from the first until now I do like how Cathe can come up with these fun titles (for example, Ready, Set, Step), for some reason they just make the...
  16. ebonynicole

    June 2019 Rotation

    Fantastic, love the variety I never get bored. I really look forward to my workouts! Thanks for continuing to put these together, the rotations are very much appreciated :D
  17. ebonynicole

    New Numbered Icons In Our Cathe Live Apps

    I noticed that the other day and was hoping that all of the live classes would get numbered. Thank you so much this is much better, very helpful! :D
  18. ebonynicole

    May 30, 2019

    This sounds fantastic!!!! Can't wait.
  19. ebonynicole

    Pre-Order Cathe's New STEP BOSS Exercise DVDs Starting Thursday, May 9th

    I'm agree and I vote for Amanda too As each new series comes out I am always hoping that Cedie and Lorraine will make a surprise appearance. I will continue to hope that they will come back :) I always enjoy seeing Jai and Brenda in there as well, glad they continue to participate. It was...