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  1. Havingfun

    Kathryn question

    Hi, I was just reading the thread related to the knee issues and you mentioned MSM. I purchased a joint supplement for my dog and it has MSM. It did seem to help, but then I got worried about using it because I can't seem to find much research about the long term use of it. We used DMSO on...
  2. Havingfun

    SJP/SB fun premix

    Hi all, I don't do too many premixes, but last night after all these years I found the step/hi lo circuit premix. It alternated the SB step and SJP hi /lo. It was so much fun! I haven't done SB in such a long time because I did it so many times when it came out, but what a blast! Tracy
  3. Havingfun

    STS disc problem

    Hi, I just previewed disc 14 and I noticed it had two marks on the data side, but I put it in anyway. After pushing play, it plays the warm up, starts the squats, then immediately reverts back to the warm up. I tried cleaning the disc, but the mark will not come off. Thanks, Tracy
  4. Havingfun

    Can we talk favorite cakes?

    Hi all, It's my job to bring a cake to the Christmas holiday get together. I'm tired of the same old ones we always have and I'm looking for a new idea. It doesn't have to be clean (what cake really is?). Does anyone have an all time favorite that they would like to share? Tracy