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  1. ginny mahaney

    Recovery Week

    Good morning, I'd love to get some advice on what workouts to do during the recovery week. I like to do undulating rotations, for example I just finished your 4 week STS undulating rotation and am about to start a recovery week. I see a lot of people on the forum talking about doing metabolic...
  2. ginny mahaney

    Recommendation for weighted gloves?

    Good morning ladies! I have bought 2 different brands of 2 pound weighted gloves that I didn't like and am looking for recommendations. The issue is that I want to use them for kickboxing, and when I punch forward there is too much forward movement from the weight, such that its still moving...
  3. ginny mahaney

    Best DVDs for Functional Fitness

    Good morning Cathletes! I'm interested in incorporating more functional fitness into my routine and was hoping someone might have some recommendations for me. I'm very fit and even though I've done STS, XTrain, P90X, P90X2, P90X3 and Insanity Asylum over the last 3 years, I'm in my late 40's...
  4. ginny mahaney

    Boxing gloves

    Hi ladies! I'd like to get some boxing gloves to use in the kickboxing workouts. I don't like using weighted boxing gloves because I don't like the way they rub against my knuckles on the punch. Cathe's boxing gloves don't seem to be available anymore. Is there a particular brand you would...
  5. ginny mahaney

    Sharing Various 2016 Holiday Deals

    Good morning everyone! I happened to be on this morning and thought I'd share that she has a 50% sale for Thanksgiving. If you click on the sale page it says that the Peak Fit System is sold out, however if you navigate to it through the main menu at the top...
  6. ginny mahaney

    STS & Horizontal Conditioning

    Good afternoon everyone! I'm just finishing month 2 of STS and am looking for some great core and core/cardio workouts for my off days. I've read a lot about Horizontal Conditioning here, but am curious if it would work with STS? I'm concerned about overworking my shoulders/upper body. Which...