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    Diamonds in the Rough Check In

    Welcome to everyone! This is a check in for anyone with health issues that impact the workouts that they can do. We are diamonds in the rough because we have all been through hard things but we are still shining!!!
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    I need a new beginners check in

    Hi Catheletes, I need a new beginner's check in for January. I'm starting at the real beginning, I'm coming back from injury and surgery. My old check in, The Joggler's, has dwindled down to just myself. Thats a little lonely. I have to start slow, I'm on low impact and just three days a week...
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    Jogglers 2017

    It is spring, but we will just keep this thread for the whole year.
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    Jogglers January 2017

    We made it to a whole New Year! This year will be much better for all of us. We will have fun, achieve our fitness goals, and enjoy everything life has to offer!
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    Jogglers September 2016

    Wow. It is September!! Ok. . So Tricia how was the visit with your friend from DC? Jane how are you?
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    Jogglers June 2016

    Summer has arrived where I live. It's in the low 100s!!
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    Jogglers April 2016

    I have been in and out of the chiropractors office a lot. Every time I see him, I have to recover for a couple of days. I'm starting with walking a mile and stretch max with the band. Jane- Do we have another April thread? I can't seem to find it. Tricia- How are you? How is your back? Have...
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    March 2016 Jogglers

    Can you believe it? It's March! Omg! Jane how are you? Tricia I hope that you are well
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    February Jogglers 2016

    I just got back from having AN adjustment with my chiropractor. I'm a little beat up after that. I was really super dizzy the last couple of days. I might've had a low-grade virus of some sort. Trisha and Jane do I have another February thread that I don't know about?
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    Jogglers January 2016

    I hope that the two of you had a very good new year. I hope I'm not repeating a new thread. I did 2 miles yesterday. I plan to do a workout tomorrow morning.
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    It's almost here!

    I live east of Sacramento and my tracking number says it was in West Sacramento this morning at 4:50 am. Omg ✨ that's really fast considering it was in Jersey yesterday
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    Jogglers December 2015

    Welcome to a new month!
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    Do you exercise if you have a burn?

    I tagged myself with hot gravy last night when I was preparing dinner. I have a mild burn. But the question is, do I exercise? I know I can't do yoga because it's on my wrist. But should I do cardio?
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    Jogglers November 2015

    My room is a shambles right now. I am busily trying to re-organize things so that I have more room to exercise :-)
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    Jogglers October 2015

    OMG! How can it be a new month already! I am in Ontario, :p I have use the gym only once. I have not been to Disneyland
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    Jogglers September 2015

    Yeah I did it again, I forgot to create a thread for this month. I'm doing a little better than last month. At least it's only the 12th and not the 15th! I have not been exercising because I've been in PT again. It's not too bad. It's also very smoky.
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    Jogglers August 2015

    Yeah, its about mid month, and we didn't start a thread. Doh. I hope I am not just missing it. . . Do we have another August 2015 thread? Not sure. Anywhoo, went to see the chiropractor today. He has cut me loose (I had back pain last saturday/sunday. ) until I am in pain again. He says that...
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    July Jogglers 2015

    Its a hot one. We are clocking in at a balmy 106 degrees!
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    June Jogglers 2015

    Tricia- I am so glad to see you post! I have seen you on FB, and I hope that picking up Stephen was easy. Eating right is not easy, I am not perfect either:( Jane- Congrats on winning your age group!! It counts even if there was no one else in the group. I did 2 miles this morning. I have...
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    Jogglers April 2015

    Jane I'm glad that your sisters knee is getting better. It's Thursday again :-) Tricia I hope things are going well for you. I did 30 minutes of step with Cathy this morning. I am getting back in the swing of things.