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  1. macbeanur

    WAG glove discounts?

    I bought WAG gloves thanks to the advice on these forums and LOVE them. Many of the women that I work out with have tried my WAGs and also love them. And now they want their own gloves - so I was wondering if anyone knew of any discounts for WAGs that I could pass along. thanks in advance...
  2. macbeanur

    Possible to download meso 3 - squat rack in 1 go?

    I pre-ordered STS, but now I think it would be great to have the meso 3 squat rack dvds on download so I can take the workouts to my gym since I don't own a squat rack. But when I look at the downloads it looks like I have to add each individual workout separately. Is there a way to download...
  3. macbeanur

    Download storage?

    I have all of my Cathe downloads on my laptop (so I'll have them when I am traveling) but my laptop is now full! And it would really be so helpful if I could just move my downloads from itunes on my laptop to an external hard drive. My question is, if I remove the downloads from itunes, and...
  4. macbeanur

    Anthony Diluglio dvds on sale for $29.95 this weekend

    For anyone out there that is interested I just got an email that ALL of Anthony Diluglio's dvds are on sale for $29.95...that includes his kettlebell clinic - 2 dvd set, which is normally around $80. His dvds usually are ~ $49.95. Art of Strength Workout DVDs - Kettlebell DVDs, Rope...
  5. macbeanur

    Cross Train Xpress - what are your thoughts?

    This is one of the daily deals today and I am wondering if I should purchase it. I have almost all of Cathe's workouts and have pre-ordered the new series...and yet I keep wondering if I should get this one, too. I'd love to hear what those of you who have the series have to say.
  6. macbeanur

    mats for tile floor recommendations?

    I have just moved to a place that has vinyl tiles on top of concrete. I am prone to plantar fasciitis and shin splints so I am looking for something I can add to my floor to help prevent injuries when doing my high impact workouts. But I also want to be able to use my slide & glide discs...
  7. macbeanur

    STS video clips?

    Hey guys - I have a friend who is interested in purchasing STS and I wanted to direct her to some video clips of STS, but I don't know where they are. I looked at Cathe's shop - which usually has great 10 min long clips, but didn't see any for STS. I am sure that they are around and I am...
  8. macbeanur

    Anyone use NoNo hair removal system?

    I wanted to find out if anyone has used the No No hair removal system - I learned a lot about clarisonic and Wen on this forum and now I am wondering about No No.....hopefully someone has tried it and will give her (or his) opinion. Thanks in advance! - sarah
  9. macbeanur

    Cathe, can you rank the LIS workouts in terms of difficulty?

    Hey Cathe, I remember when STS cardio came out you ranked them in terms of difficulty - would you please do the same for the LIS? I know you have mentioned that some of them are really hard and some are similar but one is a little easier. But it would be nice to have a list from you ranking...
  10. macbeanur

    Yoga RELAX video clip is posted!

    I just went to look through the clips (AGAIN) and noticed that the yoga relax video clip is up...maybe you all already saw this, but for those like me that didn't know it was up, I thought I'd post this thread. I had to watch it with the sound off (I am on the mainland for a meeting and am...
  11. macbeanur

    Green? (I think it was green) latex tubing?

    I just watched the athletic training video clip (LOVED it!) and saw that there is a green latex tube used in it. (it isn't listed in the equipment used in the description though). I went to Shop Cathe but couldn't find a green latex tube (I saw red, blue and purple) - which one should we...
  12. macbeanur


    A BOSO workout by Cathe would be fantastic. She is so creative with step workouts it seems like an easy fit for her to switch it up slightly to do her great choreography on a BOSU. Some of her step workouts I do on a BOSU, but sometimes the timing is a bit difficult on a "step" that gives...
  13. macbeanur

    SNM- Free shipping to Hawaii?

    I tried to place my pre-order and the cost of my order was over $99 and it charged me for shipping. Hawaii is part of the US so if it says free shipping to the US, Hawaii should qualify. If it is only free shipping to the continental US, than Free shipping to the US is not an accurate...
  14. macbeanur

    Tracey Mallet's Booty Barre workout?

    Has anyone done this workout? I am looking for some low impact workouts to add in with my predominantly med - high impact cardio dvds, and I wondered what the Cathlete's thought of this workout.' Love to hear...
  15. macbeanur

    5 1/2 STS and STS shock cardio rotation?

    I wanted to download Cathe's STS with STS shock cardio to my workout manager starting next week - but I thought I would do the 5 1/2 month rotation. I couldn't see this rotation. I saw a 6 1/2 month rotation made by Cathe before she had made the shock cardio series but not the 5 1/2 or 6 1/2...
  16. macbeanur

    Rotation with newest Cathe dvds?

    Not sure where I should post this - and I realize that we still have the rotation started on Nov. 10...but I really would love a rotation using our newest Cathe dvds...greedy me, I know. I am currently downloading the newest dvds and I am just so excited to do them all! I live in Hawaii and...
  17. macbeanur

    Any TRX users out there?

    I am just about to finish up STS and am looking to try something new. I have been playing around with starting up kettlebells - with Lauren Brooks volume I dvd, rolling ropes ( - by the guy who invented the BOSU or TRX...
  18. macbeanur

    2 or 4 lb weighted gloves?

    Hey All! I am trying to decide between the 2 and 4 lb weighted gloves. Do the 2 lb gloves have 2, 1 lb weights and the 4 lb gloves have 2, 2 lb weights? Also, for those of you who own both gloves, is it easier to get the weights in and out of the gloves for either the 2 or 4 lb gloves? I...
  19. macbeanur

    looking forward to Dec Rotation

    Oh, I am so excited to see what Cathe has for us for this month!
  20. macbeanur

    Nov. rotation on workout manager?

    Would it be possible to put this month's rotation into the workout manager? I would love to download this rotation! Thanks! Sarah