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  1. MDolfiniReed

    XTRAIN travels well

    I am on business travel this week and I brought my XTRAIN workouts with me. The hotel I am staying in has a pretty good fitness room with a step, plenty of space to do cardio, and free weights. I'm doing the 30-day cardio and strength rotation and have been able to stay right on track (note: I...
  2. MDolfiniReed

    Happy Birthday to the U.S. Marine Corps

    Today is the 236th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps. Each year our Marines pause to reflect and celebrate their commitment and service to our country. As part of the many Marine Corps Birthday Balls that take place around this time of year, the Commandant of the Marine Corps and the...
  3. MDolfiniReed

    DCDs: Dixie Cup DOMS

    Did Total Body Trisets lower body yesterday. Thanks to Cathe, I think we now have a new kind of DOMs: Dixie Cup DOMS or DCDs. Oh my goodness. Yes, those dixie cups get you right THERE! If you've done this workout, you know what I mean. ~michelle
  4. MDolfiniReed

    Back to School Sale--What a GREAT DEAL!

    Cathe and SNM, Just wanted to say I am loving your back to school sale. I just did a little Christmas shopping and a little shopping for me. I purchased some DVDs that were already on sale and then got the additional back to school discount. Fantastic-fantastic-fantastic deals! Thanks...
  5. MDolfiniReed

    Cathe: Question about weights and walking

    Hi Cathe, One of my colleagues at work likes to walk a couple of miles about twice a week. His pace is roughly a 15 minute mile. He is 47 years old, not overweight, in fair shape, and often has very different ways of thinking about things. This morning he mentioned that when he walks he wears...
  6. MDolfiniReed

    SNM: Not getting Cathe emails

    Hi Chris and crew, For some strange reason I am not receiving the weekly Cathe emails. I get log in to the fitness forum with no problem. Did I somehow fall off your email list? Thanks for checking. Michelle
  7. MDolfiniReed

    Getting Our Licks In!

    Hi ladies--a day late on starting our new thread--but here we go.... Ripken and I have been very happy that the icky weather has bypassed our part of Virginia the past few days. That has meant nice long walks in the morning for us. Yesterday, I did All Step and today was Leaner Legs. One...
  8. MDolfiniReed

    When will the 2011 Cathe Calendars be mailed?

    Hi SNM, Just wondering when you all will be sending out the pre-ordered 2011 Cathe calendars? Thanks, Michelle
  9. MDolfiniReed

    Workout downloads and Windows 7

    Good afternoon Chris and crew, I was reading the information on Cathe's Workout Downloads webpage. I did not see anything indicating whether the files will play on PCs using Windows 7 OS. Please advise. Thanks. Michelle
  10. MDolfiniReed

    SNM: Suggestion for STS progress ticker

    SNM, I just completed STS and I was thinking it would be great if you all could add an optional line to the STS progress ticker that says: I have completed STS X number of times. Where we can denote the X to be equal to however many times we've done STS. Thanks, Michelle
  11. MDolfiniReed

    Siblings/family members who are on the CatheNation?

    Just wondering how many of us have made the CatheNation a family affair. My sister (aka catchick65) and I have been exercising with Cathe for about 2 years and joined the CatheNation about 18 or so months ago. We don't live close enough to exercise together, in person, but we talk on the phone...
  12. MDolfiniReed

    SNM: Weird thing happened on Workout Manager Calendar

    Hi SNM, Just wanted to bring to your attention a very strange thing that happened to me this morning while I was updating my workout calendar on the Workout Manager. I had clicked on Saturday, March 6th, and then clicked "update" to add my workout. On the workout page, I highlighted DVD...
  13. MDolfiniReed

    Getting Our Licks In!

    Good morning everyone--Ripken reminded me this morning that I needed to post our new check-in thread. We have graduated from Lurker's to our pet-inspired check-in. Very cold here in Virginia this morning so Ripken and I only did a half-mile walk. Now, it's time for a little Cathe. Be back...
  14. MDolfiniReed

    Ho ho ho, its Merry Christmas on ShopCathe

    Check out the Christmas theme on the ShopCathe website. Very nice. I think I will make my list this weekend. I don't know how the CatheCrew does it, but they sure are prolific with the websites' designs. ~michelle
  15. MDolfiniReed

    A question for SNM on new Cathe products

    Hi, Just wondering when we will see the new Cathe products available for purchase. I've got a gift certificate I'm itching to use, but trying to wait until Cathe's new products are available. Thanks so much, Michelle
  16. MDolfiniReed

    Question on August rotation

    Hi Cathe, I have a question about the Saturday workout for this week on your August rotation. The rotation calls for a 45 interval run + any segment core circuits. I would be most grateful if you could provide some examples of core circuit segments on your dvds. Thanks so much, Michelle
  17. MDolfiniReed

    Texting: the acronyms our kids use

    Ever wonder what all those acronyms mean that your kids, nieces, nephews, etc are using while they text? Here is a website that can help us all learn acronyms as a second language and keep our children safer: My 13 going on 14 year old niece is coming to...
  18. MDolfiniReed

    Using the 20% discount from preordering SCS

    Hi Cathe or SNM, I 'm contemplating the use of my 20 percent discount that comes with the SCS pre-order. I have a couple of questions: 1. Does the 20 percent off apply to the Ab Circuits dvd? I understand that STS is excluded from the 20 percent discount. It is unclear to me if the Ab...
  19. MDolfiniReed

    Kick Max--good travel workout

    I was on business travel this week and took my laptop and Kick Max with me. I had enough space in my hotel room to set up my laptop, put in Kick Max and proceed to sweat. It's a great workout and great to take on the road. It doesn't require any other equipment other than a dvd player/tv or a...
  20. MDolfiniReed

    Workouts using the High Step

    This week, I exercised to a Cathe dvd that uses the high step. Here was my 6-day schedule Supersets (no high step) High step advanced training Push pull and core max segment 1 High step circuit and core max segment 2 High step challenge Pyramid lower body and core max segment 3 I...