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  1. ginny mahaney


    This DVD uses dynamic movements rather than static stretching and it does a really nice job of hitting the whole body, including achilles, hips, back, and shoulders. I haven't done Essentrics so I can't compare, sorry! If you Google flexibility vs mobility that might help (that's what I did...
  2. ginny mahaney


    I feel your pain! I'm 49 and have really been struggling with this for the last 2 years. Particularly I feel like I am constantly dealing with tendonitis issues in my achilles, elbow, shoulder, and this year it's also been bursitis/tendonitis in my left hip flexor. So I've been working really...
  3. ginny mahaney


    I bought all three P90X programs on Ebay, far cheaper that way. That's where I buy almost all of my DVDs these days.
  4. ginny mahaney

    Cathe Worksheet Compendium

    My goodness, this is a dream come true! Thank you so much for sharing!
  5. ginny mahaney

    Best Cathe workouts for runners?

    The biggest things that have impacted my running speed are HIIT and plyo. If you'd like to incorporate strength, I would look at doing contrast training for legs. The plyo leg workouts in STS and XTrain cardio leg blast to name a few. You might also try doing Shaun T's Insanity, that level of...
  6. ginny mahaney

    Recovery Week

    Thank you that is great advice!
  7. ginny mahaney

    Recovery Week

    Good morning, I'd love to get some advice on what workouts to do during the recovery week. I like to do undulating rotations, for example I just finished your 4 week STS undulating rotation and am about to start a recovery week. I see a lot of people on the forum talking about doing metabolic...
  8. ginny mahaney

    Recommendation for weighted gloves?

    Good morning ladies! I have bought 2 different brands of 2 pound weighted gloves that I didn't like and am looking for recommendations. The issue is that I want to use them for kickboxing, and when I punch forward there is too much forward movement from the weight, such that its still moving...
  9. ginny mahaney

    Best DVDs for Functional Fitness

    Great suggestion on EFX, thanks! I own it but have only ever done the first one a long time ago.
  10. ginny mahaney

    Best DVDs for Functional Fitness

    Great suggestions! I have many of those DVDs and didn't even think about those. Thank you!
  11. ginny mahaney

    STS mixed with newer DVDs

    Wow this is great! I was just working on something similar, but yours is much better Jane! The version I was working on is an undulating rotation of STS that incorporates the newer DVDs. I'm incorporating what you put together into mine. So for example: Week 1: Mon - Meso 1 Disk 1 - Chest...
  12. ginny mahaney

    Best DVDs for Functional Fitness

    Good morning Cathletes! I'm interested in incorporating more functional fitness into my routine and was hoping someone might have some recommendations for me. I'm very fit and even though I've done STS, XTrain, P90X, P90X2, P90X3 and Insanity Asylum over the last 3 years, I'm in my late 40's...
  13. ginny mahaney

    ICE Series or XTRAIN??

    I agree! I've done P90X P90X2, P90X3, Cathe STS, Insanity, Insanity Asylum, and XTrain. I tried Hammer & Chisel, but I wasn't fond of either Sagi or Autumn. Neither of them compare to Cathe, Tony, or ShawnT IMHO and I thought the warmup/stretch was downright pathetic in all the ones that I...
  14. ginny mahaney

    Exercises when you have tennis elbow?

    That is a really good point. What I did as an exercise-aholic is not what should really be done. I had just finished STS in Dec and didn't want to lose my strength gains. In reality I have lost strength anyway, on XTrain I've had to drop 5-10 lb on chest and back. The girls on my tennis team...
  15. ginny mahaney

    Exercises when you have tennis elbow?

    Happy to help! Couple additional thoughts: - Now that I think about it, I didn't start doing upright rows again with 5 pound weights until about a month ago after I started using the thera band. So yea, lay off those for a while. - If you use the theraband 5 days a week, you should be able to...
  16. ginny mahaney

    Exercises when you have tennis elbow?

    I'm curious to see how others respond as I'm definitely not the poster child for success here. I have had tennis elbow since February and it has gotten better but has not gone away, probably because I haven't given it enough rest and haven't taken any time off from tennis. For weights I...
  17. ginny mahaney

    What happened to the Firewalker bands you used to sell?

    I've been using the ones Cathe sells now for years and they work great. They are on the daily deal today:
  18. ginny mahaney

    Boxing gloves

    Thanks! I was just looking at those and they look good. Think I will go ahead and get a pair!
  19. ginny mahaney

    Weighted gloves

    No problem, hope you like them as much as I do! Kudos to the smart lady that originally posted them on another other thread!
  20. ginny mahaney

    Weighted gloves

    Each one is 1/2 pound and has a magnet. So for example I slap 2 on each side of my 15 pound dumbbells to make them 17 pounds. Then just pop them off real quick or add another set for the next exercise. Super fast and easy. Its a strong magnet so no issue with them coming off or anything.