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    Cycle Workouts - Do I need a Spin cycle?

    Just wondering if anyone does these workouts with a regular exercise bike or do you really need a spin cycle? Thanks!
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    Nutrition Software feedback request

    Nutrition Software? I am interested as well. I currently use which is very easy but I just watched the Demo for Cathe's nutritional tracker and I am impressed. Anyone use it?
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    STS Tower Shipping Update

    Thank you! Thank you so much for all the hard work and keeping us all advised! Will these shipments include the extra 100 towers that were received and available for order as well? Again, thanks for the ongoing updates. I do have to say this is the best forum / site EVER!
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    After Surgery Recovery - Start STS? -Assistance Appreciated

    Hi everyone - I am currently recovering from abdominal surgery and will not have the go ahead until early July to begin working out again. Although I was not in the best shape prior to my surgery, I am experienced w/weight training and Cathe's videos. I was wondering if I could begin the STS...