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    fitness video fanatics site (closing ;- ( Hi everybody, For those that aren't aware, I'm the owner of the website. I haven't had the time to keep up the maintenance the last year or so, so I've decided to take it down. I wanted to let all of you know so...
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    Cardio Coach revisited ;-)

    Hey Fitness friends! So how are you liking your cardio coach? You all hooked as I am? If you didn't get a chance to try him out what are you waiting for ;-) I'm wanting to do a cardio coach challenge starting next week to kick in high gear for Cathe's camp! Anyone want in or possiby one of your...
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    local fitness show

    Hi Fitness friends, I'm being interviewed this sat for a local fitness show about home exercising! I'll fill ya in when I get more details! I know it reaches 350,000 local customers from philly/jersey/hmmm montgomeryville I believe-will let you know more details- channel times etc as soon as I...
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    AAAI certification nj/philly

    last one promise ;-) This certification is being held the first weekend of June at the Atlantic City Convention--hope to meet up with some of you!
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    RPM certification

    Me again ;-) For those in NJ /philly looking to take a spinning cert, there are 2 upcoming certs the first 2 weekends of June! It's called RPM by bodytrainingsystems! I'm pasting the info below There will be 2 RPM(r) trainings in June in NJ: > > The first one will be in Chester, NJ on...
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    Hi Fitness Friends!

    I'm reposting from another thread and just want to say Hi, Miss you and i'm looking forward to meeting the new members! For those who don't know of me(and those that do) please visit my comcast page check out some pics and sign my guest book(just got that working ;-) Thanks Deborah for...
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    Liz(fitness video fanatics)

    Where are you, I've been trying to get a hold of you via email! hope your ok! I want to talk to you about your site and updated it, please contact me! Thanks Liz!
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    Hi Fitness Friends!

    It's been a long time since I've been online! My computer time has been unbelievably limited! I just wanted to pop in say Hi, tell ya I miss you all and think of you often as well(esp when doing Cathe! ) Hope you are all doing well , enjoying your workouts and loving your results! Take...
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    Bodywedge21 for personal trainers especially

    Hey fitness friends, I just finished up a 4 day affair at Sara City and had an awesome time( as usual- I always do at these functions;-) I had camera(battery) problems on 2 days-huge bummer to me cause I lost alot of great pics but bought a new charger and batteries and eventually got...
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    TurboKick Certification workshop in Princeton-wanna go?

    It will be March 6 NJ Princeton Dillon Gym Princeton University Princeton, NJ 08544 609-258-2634 Anyone interested in taking this certification please contact me at [email protected] (there are 5 slots left) and the price was specially lowered to $125( which includes study...
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    Cia Conference

    Anyone here going to the conference this Sun( Superbowl)? I'll be there all day and would love to meet fellow catheites!
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    To all those who personally emailed me!

    I have numerous emails and pms about people wanting more advice about personalized workout programs, eating info,video recommendations and spinning programs,(esp spinervals questions) I won't be able to do any replies til my computer is back(it's getting upgraded at Best Buy) and I'm also...
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    Who has the Butt thigh Shaper machine BTS-164

    Would appreciate hearing your feedback on this equipment! To get you all up to speed, I posted about the Top Ten trainer and it's comeback w/ Brenda Dygraf on QVC! We have interested Catheites who are interested in this eqipment and possiby similiar equipment with the option to use weight...
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    ~LIZ~AkA~ Gettingthere

    Hi Liz, I emailed you this morning! I'm not sure if you seen this post But I know you have the Butt and thigh shaper and was hoping you would reply and let everyone know what other exercises can...
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    What a neat surprise on QVC this morning

    Hi Everyone! Happy new year! I put on Qvc 10 am to see my girl Brenda Dygraf(we go way back to 94 when she was Dykgraaf;-) Not sure why she's not on Hsn anymore, but boy was I surprised when I seen the line up for her hour show! A personal favorite of mine is back The Top 10 trainer! You...
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    Merry Christmas everyone!!

    Hi fitness friends, I want to wish you and your families all a happy holiday! May all your Christmas dreams come true!!!!!!!!! Even though I haven't been on the forums , I have missed all of you dearly! You are all soo special to me and you are all with me in spirit,especially when...
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBBIEH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

    I hope you have a VERY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY! You are one of the nicest people I have ever met! Thanks for being YOU! (luv ya to pieces girl XOXO) Enjoy yourself,CELEBRATE and LIVE IT UP!}(
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    Hi everyone, I did Supersets this morning! Another goody that adds a lot of variety and uumph to our weight workouts ;-0! I didn't plan on doing supersets this morning, I put it in by accident( it was suppose to be step blast) Oh well, didn't have the heart to take it out ;-) so I left...
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    Push Pull

    Hi fitness friends, I just finished Push and pull this morning(3 down and 3 to go}( This workout has unique exercises that will challenge your muscles differently! She goes Heavy(on large muscle groups) w/ slower tempo changes varying throughout and mostly 2/2's to feel the positve and...
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    ? for Runathon

    Hi! Which videos did you get from Wendilee(body-b-fit) I'd love to hear your feedback ;-) TIA