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    Are the cloth bands less prone to twisting and tangling?

    It seems like the cloth bands are more substantial than elastic ones, which would be amazing! I recently purchased elastic loops, and I have been unhappy with how long it takes me to get them into place (specifically around my ankles and thighs), twisting and tangling and ending up with me...
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    I am so HUNGRY!!

    Hey, everyone, I am on a weight loss mission and I'm hoping you might be able to help! Last summer, I lost 25 pounds using the following meal plan: Breakfast: Protein shake Lunch: Salad with tuna, shrimp, or chicken Dinner: Fish, chicken, or beef with one or two servings of veggies Snack...
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    Accountability for the New Year

    I fell off the exercise wagon with a resounding "thud" about two years ago when I tore my ACL during a karate class. I finally feel strong enough to get back on track with a normal exercise routine, but I'm starting from square one and confidence is in short supply. I'm hoping that if I post...